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No One Seems To Have Picked Up On This Yet, So…

… can we please talk about Moffat’s choice of villain in The Return Of Doctor Mysterio? Because, personally, I found it extremely satisfactory that the imminent threat in the Christmas special of 2016 was a global brain hijack of the world’s political leaders.  

Subtle, Moffat, very subtle. 

superheroes-have-wings  asked:

Hey guys!!!!! How would 707 react to MC seeing snow for the first time and getting super excited, causing her to accidentally wake him up? (I live in Texas, so snow is like a myth down here lolol.....)

Fun fact: I just finished Seven’s route in the CHristmas DLC and ‘m LITERALLY DYING FROM HOW CUTE IT WAS. SOMEONE SAVE ME.

~Admin MP

Soft murmurs woke Seven, as did the pale white light that filtered in through the window. A few sleepy blinks brought him into full awakeness and he lifted himself up on his elbow, running his other hand through his hair.
Glancing to the left, he saw the blurry form of MC at the window– the noises he had heard were originating from that area, so he assumed that it was MC. He grabbed his glasses off the nightstand, checking the time on his phone as he did so– it was 8:20 am. Slipping his glasses on his face, he stretched, a quiet grunting noise escaping him. It was loud enough, though– MC turned towards him, face lit up like the goddamn Christmas tree she had insisted they put up in the living room.
“Look, Saeyoung! There’s SNOW!”
MC was tucked up at the window seat, her knees tucked up against her chest as she pressed her fingers against the cold glass, fog forming in the shape of her hand. All MC was wearing was a long night shirt, so she must have been cold, but the happiness beaming from her face was surely enough to keep her warm.
“Look at you, all up against that cold window. Aren’t you freezing?” Seven gently chided her, grabbing the blanket from the bed and striding over to her, wrapping the blanket around her shoulders.
“Saeyoung, are you listening?” her grin was so wide that it must have hurt her cheeks, but she didn’t seem to mind– her eyes were sparkling, infectious joy brimming in the depths. 
He huffed gently, leaning down to rest his chin on MC’s shoulder. She really was cold, even with the fuzzy blanket swaddled around her figure. For extra measures, just to be safe, he pulled her into his arms, finally looking outside to the snow she had been exclaiming over.
Indeed, the soft, white sky had opened up to spit out fluffy cotton balls of snow, sticking to the ground and turning it into a winter wonderland. Everything seemed muted somehow, as if the entire world was holding their breath while looking at the beauty that the snow brought about.
“This is the first snowfall I’ve ever seen. It’s so gorgeous!” This time, MC squished her entire face against the window, yanking Seven along with her. Her breath fogged up the window even further, but her excitement was obvious in every inch of her vibrating body. Seven watched her with fond eyes, enjoying the way she exuded happiness, melting his heart even though there was a very cold environment inches from him.
“Do you want to go out in it?” Seven asked MC, and almost fell when she whirled around, getting tangled up in her blanket. 
“YES!” she shouted, struggling to get free of the blanket so she could grab her snow boots and coat to go outside. Seven had never been happier.