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Super Husbands

Summary: Blaine fails to mention what he’s really doing when he’s at the library “studying” night after night. But here’s the thing: Kurt already knows.

The title is very obviously a reference to the Flash/Supergirl song from the musical episode because, duh. :)

As always, beta’ed by my own personal superhero and superfriend @a-simple-rainbow. ♥

Rating: PG

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Kurt didn’t plan on telling Blaine what he knows that night but one thing leads to another, and Kurt’s secret about Blaine’s secret is out. Blaine just can’t lie to save a life, though Kurt has got to hand it to his husband – he saves lives like no other.

He’s kept his mouth shut so far, figured Blaine would come to him eventually, but now that he’s caught him red-handed – well, black-handed, technically, since the color scheme of Blaine’s suit is blue and black – he just can’t go on pretending that he buys Blaine’s lies about studying late at the library night after night.

“What are you doing there?” Kurt asks, sleepily yet horrified, as he walks into the bathroom and watches Blaine pull off his cape and cram it into the washing machine.

“Kurt!” Blaine flinches, turning around with an end of the cape still in his hand. “I- I… um, I was trying on a costume for…” He looks lost for a second, and his eyes light up when he finally thinks of something. “Halloween! Um, yeah, for Halloween.”

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Dreamcast (Glee!Superhero AU). Part I:
1. Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) - Robin.
2. Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) - Supergril (Kara Zor-El).
3. Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) - Harley Queen (Harleen Quinzel).
4. Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) - Lois Joanne Lane-Kent.
5. Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) - Zatanna (Zatanna Zatara).
6. Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) - The Flash (Barry Allen).
7. Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) - Aquaman (Arthur Curry).
8. Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) - Superman (Clark Kent).
9. Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies) - Batgirl (Barbara Gordon).
10. Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison) - The Riddler (Edward Nigma).

Skivvysupreme’s Fic Masterpost

hello, lovely readers! here’s the rebloggable version of my fic masterpost! full list is below the read-more (so try clicking the above link if it disappears on the mobile app in reblogs :D). as always, AO3 links are included if you prefer to browse there.

happy reading! xo

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We can finally share the stories we wrote for the latest Klaine book. My art partner was unfortunateplottwist, who I was so lucky to work with! She’s one of my favorite artists in the fandom. Our trope was superhero!Blaine.


Kurt Hummel opened his eyes and took three deep breaths to keep from panicking.

It had happened in a matter of seconds: one moment he was trying to stay awake as he rode the late night train from the library to his apartment after working on a very long essay, and the next was filled with screeching sounds as the train crashed against something, derailing and tilting dangerously to the side. Now, it was dark. Kurt searched in his bag for his bottle of water, giving it to an old man, who seemed in shock. He was about to reach for his phone to call for help when he heard a loud bang, and one of the doors shattered, falling to the subway’s floor like it was made of tinfoil. A girl choked on a little scream and stepped away, holding onto one of the poles for dear life.

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Fic: Pride & Prejudice & Superheroes (5/5)

PG-13 | Humor | Romance | College AU | Superhero AU

Summary: Blaine, the reluctant superhero amateur with the lamest backstory ever. Kurt, the apparent snob with an impatient attitude and an aversion to expressing gratitude. They hate one another, but the universe has other plans if the way they keep running into each other is anything to go by.  


Beta’ed and rescued by @notthetoothfairy, without whose enthusiasm this might have gotten deleted a while ago. Thank you for everything! she’s made this story a thousand times better!

And thanks to everyone sharing and loving this! it means the world to me!

AO3 | | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Part Five: The End of the Pride and the Prejudice, and the Start of the Superheroes

If you ever ask Blaine Anderson how he managed to break into a hostage situation, undetected by both cops and robbers, make his way through the building into the hot zone, fake himself as one of the hostages, find the perfect moments to get the guns to scorch without the risk of making them accidentally press the trigger and killing someone, and get their clothes equally scorching without actually catching on fire, to the point of them writhing on the floor completely neutralized but without being a danger or fire hazard to anyone else, get everybody out safely, and make sure none of this could be traced back to the almost normal looking boy in a sweater and jeans in the corner of the room that the security cameras probably caught on tape – all the while sporting a painfully broken arm, a roughed up face, and bloody palms and knees -… if you ever ask Blaine how he managed all that? He will tell you he has absolutely no idea, but that he’s damn glad he did.

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Super Dad

Anonymous said: not a prompt so much as look how cute this is who does it remind you of imgur/./com/gallery/4id5IrE

The Picture 

I made it a prompt anyway because I could not help myself

“This place is a breeding ground for MRSA,” Kurt says, watching with a shudder as Libby presses her face to the side of the bounce house she’s currently shrieking and jumping in. “Remind me to hose her down with antibacterial gel before we leave.”

Blaine nods, though he less worried about Libby right now, she’s brassy and tough and is rarely slowed down by illness or injury or—anything, really. She runs by the picnic bench they’re seated backwards on, her dark curls flying behind her, and shouts above the chaotic din of the indoor play area, “Daddies watch! Daddies did you see? Daddies watch me watch look look!”

“We see you, honey,” Kurt says.

“Great job,” Blaine adds, when she does a sort of sideways half flip into a different bounce house.

No, Libby is fine. It’s Devon he’s concerned about.

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“Black and Blue” - Kurt/Blaine

Who cares that you get home safe?
Who knows you can’t be replaced?
Who thinks that you’re one of a kind?

…oooh, somebody loves you…

(An anon who apparently knows the shortcut to my heart prompted: “something where Blaine is an actual superhero named Nightbird and he goes missing for a few days/gets hurt/both and his boyfriend husband Kurt’s all worried”) 

UPDATE: Now with a prequel! But you should probably read this one first

Warnings for: anxiety

~2900 words | AO3

Blaine is late for dinner. Again.

There was a time when Blaine’s tardiness annoyed Kurt to no end, back before they broke up, worked on themselves, got married, and moved into their one-bedroom apartment in New York. Before Blaine discovered his latent superpowers and decided to use his strength, flight, and enhanced vision for the good of the people, no matter the potential cost to himself.

Before Nightbird was born and became the hero Blaine always wanted to be. (Or, the hero Blaine had always been, Kurt thinks, just in armor and a cape, even if Blaine couldn’t see it.)

So, Kurt used to get annoyed, but now, he just worries, because Blaine coming home late is better than Blaine not coming home at all.

The problem is… the dinner Blaine is late for was two days ago.

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Date Night - Klaine [PG-13]

McKinley High’s resident skank Kurt Hummel decides to take his nerdy boyfriend out on a special date. (~3k / AO3 link)

Thanks to livwholikestv for betaing and everyone else who gave me their input and ideas on twitter. klainesupremist I hope this makes you smile because you deserve to smile always and at all times.

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Heartfelt - When the Andersons move in across the street, seven year-old Kurt is worried at the realization that they have a boy his age (but one grade level below him). However, his worries are for naught, and in a big way.

Kurt sighs, turning a small teacup over in his hands as he wonders when his dad will be back from the garage, and when his mom will wake up from her nap. She takes a lot of naps lately; Dad says it’s just because she’s really tired, but she didn’t used to nap so much. Anyway, now he’s alone in their front yard, a tea party all set up for two.

He’s thinking about putting everything away - as imaginative as he can be, a tea party just isn’t the same without another person there - when he hears a cheery, unfamiliar voice.

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