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Hand Crusher
  • Midoriya: haha hand crusher, hilarious
  • Todoroki: *in his mind* I'm villian for sure now I crush all my friend's hands
  • -after recovery-
  • Kirishima: Hey we heard about the incident how ar- why are you wearing oven mits Todoroki?
  • Todoroki: *sad expression* don't talk to me I'll crush your hands!
  • Tetsutetsu/Kirishima: Is that a challenge bro?

The creator of My Hero Academia shows his boss drawing skills. 

As countless anime have shown us, there’s no problem that a giant battlemech cannot solve (with the help of a screamy tween pilot, that is). Finally, reality catches up to anime – and not just in the field of upskirt technology: Meet the Kuratas, a real-life Japanese mech-suit.

The four-and-a-half ton, 13-foot Kuratas runs on gasoline, and is controlled through a combination of high-tech touchscreens and a delightfully retro joystick. No matter how cool it looks, or how effective the system might be, you know you would’ve been disappointed if it didn’t have a joystick. For those of you with no soul, however, it can also be controlled remotely via a cellphone attachment. Oh, and it does come equipped with weapons like rocket launchers and mini-guns.

With fake ammo, obviously.

The Kuratas also comes with the most ominous feature ever: the Smile Trigger, which is exactly what it sounds like – when the pilot grins, the mecha unleashes 6000 rounds per minute of bullet-shaped retribution. Tell us that’s not designed specifically to court supervillains.

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Buff vs Lean! Which SuperHero Body is Better in Real Life?

New video How many times have you seen this happen in the comments. Battles between Buff MUSCLE BODS and Being Cut and Lean. Many SuperHeroes come in Different shapes and sizes 

from All Might to Saitama, the Hulk to Spider–man

 but which type of Body do you think is superior to have in real life? Well today we have a fun discussion on this topic thanks to my Bodybuilder friend and my MMA Friend