I like drawing this fella, he’s a lot of fun.

Commission for MidniteWolf139 on DA!  Lotta fun drawing this guy, interesting experience trying to render purple lightning.  I think because the color naturally wants to recede, getting it to come forward was a challenge.  Glad we figured it out, and I for one think it ended up looking really cool XD

I wish my outfits coordinated this nicely ;;

Thanks a bunch for the commission!  Always glad to draw this boofer.

Photoshop CC
Some hours I forgot to time it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Splatterday Mourning Cartoon: Spider-Man - The Menace of Mysterio

Ho-wdy, True Believers!

The inimitable Stan Lee passed away this week, but he left behind a legacy of sensational superhero superstars that we will forever admire. Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and so many others… Stan co-created them and gave Marvel its style. In Ho-nor of the great man, this week’s cartoon is a Spider-Man ‘toon from the web-swingin’ sixties. In this one, Peter encounters the mystic madness of Mysterio, our favorite Spidey rogue. It’s all told in the mighty Marvel manner and a great way to keep the memory of Stan alive.

concept: eldonado superhero au

Sam is a super but no one knows his secret identity is that of quiet and quirky photographer Sam Ecklund

Peter is a reporter who gets assigned to interview super!sam but doesn’t know it’s him (bc…. you know…. secret identity bullshit)

Sam, who ofc has a MASSIVE crush on Peter is like “perfect! I can Show Off and impress him!!” Which is like… inneffective bc Peter is stupidly and hopelessly in love w his BFF/coworker Sam Ecklund and Does Not have time for superhero drama, thank you very much, he has a job to do (even if the superhero in question is very cute and very funny)

Feat. Ridiculous and Overused tropes such as:

- Peter And super!sam get to be Bros and someone hurts/threatens/kidnaps peter as a way to get to super!sam (which like… imagine peter as a kidnapping victim… holy shit)

- Bad Disaster Occurs and Oh No Sam is missing and peter can’t find him and he’s Freaking Out and he like demands that super!sam find him and save him and peters like.. breaking down when faced w the possibility of losing Sam :((

- Gabi Knows. She just does. About everything. Whether or not Sam told her.

- that being said, Dylan just assumes that everyone knows Sam is super!sam and Also that he and peter are dating and is Baffled when not everyone is as galaxy brain as he is

I’m so sorry