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¿algun chiste cruel que sepas?

1. Vi a un bebé muerto en el bote de basura y dije: “Qué poca madre, los bebés van en la orgánica. Pinches inconscientes”.

2. Odio a esos machistas que usan a la mujer como objeto sexual. También son un objeto de limpieza.

3. Hice que me mordiera una araña y no me convertí en superhéroe. Debo demandar a Marvel.

4. Donde ustedes ven a un niño con cáncer, yo veo a un niño sin piojos.

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Corrupt ore smithing PSA

I just came upon the realizations that superheating is 2 ticks. This means you can smith 3k per hour if you superheat them where as using a furnace is 1500 per hour. This means super heating would be 156k Magic xp and 450k smithing xp per hour without any modifiers.

A superheated liquid can reach temperatures higher than its boiling point without actually boiling - similar to how liquids can be supercooled below their freezing point without solidifying. The photo sequence above shows how explosive the boiling of a superheated water droplet submersed in sunflower oil can be. Image (a) in the lower left shows the superheated droplet resting on the bottom of its container. Then droplet vaporizes explosively in (b), expanding dramatically. The bubble overexpands and and begins to oscillate around its equilibrium radius. This triggers a Rayleigh-Taylor instability in the bubble’s interface, creating the large lobes in (c) and enlarged in the upper image. Finally, the bubble fragments in (d). See the original paper for more on superheated droplet boiling. (Image credit: M. A. J. van Limbeek et al.; via @AIP_Publishing


Agarrémonos del corazón.

Mama estoy aquí, quizás no me miras pero sé que tú me sientes, siento que intentas desacerté de mí, por favor no lo hagas, te prometo que seré un angelito en tu camino, que siempre me portare bien que y estaré calladito si no quieres que llore, y cuando crezca te defenderé de todo mal, buscare siempre un motivo de hacerte reír , quiero ser tu superhéroe, quiero ser tu guía y tu motor, pues ahora mami me agarro de tu corazón sé que me escuchas y te pido perdón si por mi culpa interrumpí tus estudios, perdón si por mi culpa te votaron de la casa, por favor déjame verte, déjame abrazarte no te deshagas de mí. Te amo mamita… siente tu corazón latir.


Three basic components are necessary for a geyser: water, an intense geothermal heat source, and an appropriate plumbing system. In order to achieve an explosive eruption, the plumbing of a geyser includes both a reservoir in which water can gather as well as some constrictions that encourage the build-up of pressure. A cycle begins with geothermally heated water and groundwater filling the reservoir. As the water level increases, the pressure at the bottom of the reservoir increases. This allows the water to become superheated—hotter than its boiling point at standard pressure. Eventually, the water will boil even at high pressure. When this happens, steam bubbles rise to the surface and burst through the vent, spilling some of the water and thereby reducing the pressure on the water underneath. With the sudden drop in pressure, the superheated water will flash into steam, erupting into a violent boil and ejecting a huge jet of steam and water. For more on the process, check out this animation by Brian Davis, or to see what a geyser looks like on the inside, check out Eric King’s video. (Video credit: Valmurec; idea via Eric K.)

Microwaving water

So, I’ve seen a lot of people in the office get water from the hot water spigot of the coffee machine and then microwave it. I was making some tea this morning and thought I’d try it. I 2/3 filled my mug, and then microwaved it for a minute. When I took it out, it looked totally normal.

But the moment I dropped the tea bag in, it started hard-boiling so badly it was slopping right out of the mug, like, instantly! The end of my fingers got lightly burned, and I had to literally throw the mug so that I didn’t get burned much worse. I’m glad that it didn’t break at least.

So… wow! Uh. Be careful or something. Learn from my idiocy.