liv - Wings Of Love

Directed by Lykke Li, liv releases the video for “Wings Of Love”, the first single of this supergroup that consist of Lykke Li, Andrew Wyatt and Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow, Björn Yttling, and Jeff Bhasker.

These artists fromed the band in 2016 and they have another side project called INGRID, a collective and record label active since 2012.


Travelling Wilburys - HANDLE WITH CARE


Liberty Street // The New Basement Tapes

Somehow I just became aware of this release from 2014. What a story: someone found some old Dylan lyrics from the Basement Tapes era (1967) in a box. No music had been written for them, just lyrics on paper, stuff he never used. One of Bob’s people had the insight to contact the brilliant T-Bone Burnett, asking him if he wanted to do anything with them. Once T-Bone was sure Bob himself blessed this idea, he went and assembled a supergroup: Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Taylor Goldsmith, Jim James, and Marcus Mumford. (Along with a couple session guys and various other randoms, like Johnny Depp of all people.) He sent them all the lyrics and told them to write songs to back them as they saw fit. The group assembled some months later to record them.

And holy crap, y’all.

I remember “Kansas City” got some airplay around here at the time, but since I’m not super big on Mumford, I passed. I backed into this thing a few days ago after I saw a comment somewhere on a Dawes fanboi post (shut up) that tied Taylor into this proejct. I was hooked on the first listen, not just to his contributions, but all of them.

I wonder what Bob thinks of these. I looked but couldn’t find anything. Not surprising, given that he didn’t even want to tell us what he thought of winning the Nobel Prize. This collection gets my highest recommendation.


This is the original album artwork that Layne created for Mad Season’s Above along with negatives, materials and several handwritten letters by the band. Two of these letters were handwritten by Layne and made out to Sony’s art department with some great character/ detail. The other letter is in an unknown hand and has some other details about the look of the album/cd.


03.23.2017 [4/100] days of productivity

Here’s my completed set of protist supergroups flashcards I need to memorize. These are literally gonna kill me. I have a picture of each protist genus(professor handed all these out what a guy) on one side, and information about each on the back. I also made a flashcard for each supergroup itself and its characteristics!

Anyone have any tips on memorizing things I like this? I’m usually good with taxonomy but I’m having some trouble with these!

Song of the day: Zoa- Giriboy 


G-Dragon: a respectful, humble musical genius who’s got unmatched talent and succeeded by years of hard work; leader, writer, and producer of supergroup BIGBANG

That’s maybe the main reason why even he’s not your bias; he kinda is a little bit. But above all, I stan him because of his huge, huge heart which is overshadowed so often by his G-Dragon persona. He’s got so much love for everyone. 9 years in the industry, through so many ups and downs, he is still him. People tend to forget that he is Kwon Jiyong and that he’s GD only when he’s on stage. But lately I think he is showing bits of Jiyong more and more often and little moments like this I need to capture. 

I wish nothing but happiness for you, Kwon Jiyong. We all know just how hard you have it preparing for MADE, but so far 2015 is looking so, so bright. I couldn’t be more grateful for this era. Like you believe in us, we also got your back. Until Whenever. 



•••••••••••••••••YER BLUES•••••••••••••••••


John Lennon put this supergroup together for the Rolling Stones TV Special titled “The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. (recorded 12/11/68)

Clapton is his stellar self playing lead guitar!

One of my favorite Lennon song!