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i want to see alex and maggie in bed together. i want to see alex in reading glasses with her book, and maggie with her messy bun working on paperwork. i want maggie finally snuggling down to go to sleep and alex absentmindedly rubbing her back while she reads some more. i want to see alex already awake some morning, watching maggie sleep because she looks so cute even though she snores a little bit. i want to see maggie coming in extra late when alex is already asleep, crawling into bed and immediately big spooning alex so she can kiss her neck because she’s happy to be home. i just really want those sweet, domestic moments that happen naturally when you’re comfy with someone.

Y’all really gonna satanize Mon-El because he made a mistake wanting to save Kara and then telling her how he feels about her AFTER KARA LITERALLY ASKING HIM WHETHER HE LIKES HER OR NOT. And even after telling her, he accepted she doesn’t like him back so he just left… like what would you expect him to do??? 

But if it was anyone else doing, it would be alright and iconique for them to try to save Kara and I wouldn’t be seeing one (1) single post about this, right? And don’t even try to tell me it’s not about this, because I just saw some nasty posts literally tryna make him the devil incarnate because of these reasons.

PS: Drink some water to help you flush the extra sodium from your body. Y’all need it.


Melissa mentions the casting of Darren Criss as the villain, Music Meister

January 24, 2017
'Supergirl' Plans Maggie/Alex-centric Valentine's Day Episode

Love is in the air on Supergirl!

Maggie and Alex’s new romance will take center stage during the Valentine’s Day episode of Supergirl — and EW has the exclusive first look!

Here’s what we know: Alex (Chyler Leigh) is super excited for her first Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend, but Maggie (Floriana Lima) is not keen on the Hallmark holiday, which leads to their first real fight. But Maggie will make it up to Alex by recreating a special night — note the corsage on her arm!

Further details on the hour, like who else might be spending the holiday together, are being kept under wraps, but the Valentine’s Day episode will air on Feb. 20.

Nobody’s gonna convince me that Lena’s 24 years old. Thank you very much.

me when I realized that she’s younger than Kara (I guess Kara’s 25)

No, she’s not. Doesn’t make sense. 

Lex wasn’t 17 in that flashback (I guess he and Clark have the same age: about 37… Like, 24+13). Yeah, she’s his baby sister, but you don’t need 13 years for it. Kara is Alex’s baby sister and (if you don’t count that 24 years), there’s no giant age gap. It’s 3 or 4 years.

So nope, Lena Luthor is not 24.

My headcanon still something between 27 and 33, nobody’s gonna change it.

if she had a strong enough telescope, Kara could have watched her planet explode from Earth when she was 16 years old

‘Supergirl’ Lands Full First Season Pickup at CBS!! 

 “Supergirl” will be flying high for a full season, as CBS has picked up seven additional episodes of the superhero drama from mega-producer Greg Berlanti, totaling a 20-episode freshman season. One of the fall’s top-rated new shows, “Supergirl” has averaged 11.24 million viewers a week since it premiered on Oct. 26. - via Variety.