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supergirl 2.08   |   the flash 3.17

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o-flairegan  asked:

Why did they think that doing that musical recap of Season 2 was a good idea? That was the most problematic thing for many reasons.

Because they also did one last year.

Last year’s was okay. This one was a mess for a bunch of reasons: the thing about Kara & Lena; nearly skipping any mention of James; and actually skipping Alex and anything to do with the Danvers sisters altogether.

So: let’s unpack “they’re just friends,” since that’s what most people are yelling about

Was it necessary? No. Was it a good idea? No. Was it rude? Yes. But does it also suggest that the actors are tired of being asked and/or harassed about Supercorp? Yes.

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anonymous asked:

Hi- I've been trying to find out what actually happened in regards to supergirl, but I can only find memes. Could you explain what the current discourse™ is about? Or at least a good place to find the story itself?

there is no good place to find the whole story with any kind of accuracy. the fandom has now reached the point where the main tag feels like being trapped in an internet hell version of Lord of the Flies.

so here’s my (non-musical, but i could be persuaded otherwise) very much sarcastic and fed-up synopsis of the entire weekend:

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karamel + ‘wake up with me’

supergirl 2.14   |   the flash 3.17

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‘Supergirl’: Katie McGrath on Waiting For That Luthor Gene to Kick In
The 'Supergirl' actress discusses being caught between two of the most evil women in TV and why she's as curious about Lena's future as you are.

“Off screen, however, Lilian and Rhea — played by genre vets Brenda Strong and Teri Hatcher, reunited after years together on Desperate Housewives — are as delightful as you could hope for. Hatcher is “a complete hoot, and she’s got the most zany, crazy sense of humor,” McGrath says, and Strong is “the most elegant, well-spoken comic.” Working on Supergirl is grueling —  “16, 17-hour days, it’s tiring and you’re away from your family” —  and McGrath loves that both women are not only brilliant actors, but also keep up the spirits of those around them. “Whenever [Hatcher] gets to set, she does a little dance for me and it always makes me happy,” she says with a laugh. “I am so grateful that they both turned out to be really good people. It’d be difficult if they weren’t.”

Part of her character’s allure, muses McGrath, is in the unpredictability of Lena’s story. “I had no f**king clue what was going to happen! I didn’t sign up for that many episodes, so I thought I was just coming in and I’d have a little small arc and that would be it,” she says. But as she made more and more appearances, the character continually bucked her expectations: “I kept waiting for the script to come in that would be, ‘Oh, I get it. There you go. She’s Lex now.’ And it never happened.”


When the Music Meister (Darren Criss, taking over the role played by Dr. Horrible vet Neil Patrick Harris in one of the most memorable installments of Batman: The Brave and the Bold) puts them in this musical space and environment, it’s up to Barry and Kara to figure out how to get out, without their super strength, super speed, or any powers other than brainpower and song.


SDCC 2017 panel schedule

(All times in pst)

11am - Anything Goes with John Barrowman
12pm - Stitchers
1pm - Shadowhunters 
3pm - Teen Wolf 
3:30pm - Timeless 
5pm - Legion
6:15pm - Inumans 

11:15am - Izombie
5:15pm - The Defenders

11am - Riverdale
12pm - The Originals
1:50pm - Lucifer
3:30pm - Supergirl
4:10pm - Legends of Tomorrow
4:50pm - Black Lightning
5:10pm - The Flash
5:30 - Marvel Studios
5:50pm - Arrow

10:30am - Supernatural

Supercat!Kink List


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Highway - The Chase by @fourtseven

Kiss in the Rain by @shadhavar1126

Nellie Bly by @bridgetteirish

Sooner or Later by @sultrysweet

String Theory by @fictorium

We’re Going to the Car by @bridgetteirish


A Place of My Own by Super Fae

Before You Open Your Eyes by @spaceshipsarecool

Carmen by @spaceshipsarecool

Cat, The Sleep Talker by @aim-e-la

Collared by @rtarara

Collared by headfirstslider

Don’t Touch by @spaceshipsarecool

Fallen by @spaceshipsarecool

Falling / Kneeling by @spaceshipsarecool

Fear of Humans (chs. 3-4) @spaceshipsarecool

Giddy Up Buckaroo by @lazzle-the-dazzle

Home by @spaceshipsarecool

Just the Right Mix by @musetotheworld

Love Note pt. 2 by @endlesscrazyshows

My Kiera by priestessamy

Prove Me Worthy by ravenclawgenius

Secure Communication Channel (ch. 21) by @chaoticdanvers

Senses by @poppyssupergirl

Tethered by @shadhavar1126

Transparency by @coop-writes

Understanding Desire by @spaceshipsarecool

Untitled Ficlet by @musetotheworld

Pic: Cat, Bound and Blindfolded by @supergaysupercat

Pic: Collared Art by @pinkrabbitpro

Pic: Fallen Art by @kendrickhier

Pic: Fallen Cover Art by @spaceshipsarecool

Pic: Full CatCo Logo by @spaceshipsarecool

Pic: Good Girl Kara by @supergaysupercat

Pic: Mobster Cat Grant by @spaceshipsarecool

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Pic: Tethered Cover Art by @supergaysupercat

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