DC’s Comics:

- confirm harley quinn and poison ivy gets married

- confirms supergirl’s bisexuality in comics

- produce female lead’s movie with wonder woman by a female director

- are planning other female lead movies with harley quinn and supergirl

- make a tv show about lesbian batwoman and hire a lgbt actress

- include lgbt characters in their dc tv shows

- introduce first trangender super hero in their tv show (supergirl)

- 3 female lead in tv shows out of 6

mar: vel

I find it funny how straighties take the “this chracter is now gay” joke too seriously..

and I mean, even if we DO mean it seriously, what’s proving us wrong hm?

They’re a straight relationship? Bisexual/Pan

They haven’t explicitly said they’re gay? Well did they say they were straight?

They’ve explicitly said they weren’t gay?

Psst… spoilers…. she ended up gay.

Y’all wanna tell us they’re straight? We gon tell u they’re gay. that’s that on that!