The Rules:

Rule one: post the rules
Rule two: answer the questions the tagger sent you, then post eleven new ones
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Questions I got asked:

  1. Your dream job? Something science based… not completely sure; only thought out what I want to study so far xD But for a dream job I guess I’d go for an author or something :P
  2. River, meadow or wood? Woods! Always found them calming J
  3. What is your favourite kind of flower and why? Hmm… I think I’d have to go with a crimson rose because it reminds me of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ :D
  4. Sleeping with lights on or sleeping with lights off? Lights off; must be pitched black!
  5. Blueberries or Blackberries? Blueberries
  6. Skiing or snowboarding? Snowboarding for the pure fact that I nearly dislocated both of my ankles at once when I tried skiing :L
  7. Favorite dog breed? Ohh, tricky… Either a Husky, Pomeranian or a King Charles spaniel! I can’t choose!
  8. You wake up in the middle of an empty pool. Why? … Didn’t I drown? Huh… I AM A FISH NOW! But, uh, late night swimming? Meh, I’ll go with that :P
  9. Which game world would you want to live in? LITTLE BIG PLANET!!! YES!!! MUST!!!
  10. Tumblr user you’d want to be by your side during a zombie apocalypse. Lets go with the girl who tagged me :D: Fortressofemotion! Because you are funny and brilliant :D
  11. Congratulations! You are now a character in a fighting game! What is your weapon of choice? A grate knife (the big ass weapon Pyramid head uses in Silent Hill). Why? Because I can :P













Taggers Questions:

1)      What is your number 1 goal in life?

2)      What was the reason you chose the URL you have?

3)      Creative or academic? Or both?

4)      What superpower and why?

5)      What fanficts do you read/have read?

6)      Play any instruments?

7)      Favourite colour?

8)      Favourite animal?

9)      Tell us something people might not have known about you?

10)   Onesie fan?

11)   Do you like anime or manga?

Enjoy :P xxx

My dream last night had a total bisexuality theme going.  Robyn Ochs was giving a lecture on feminism.  Me and supergaygenes went to listen.  Och’s gender and gender presentation did not stay consistent throughout the dream.  She was also Shiri Eisner.  At one point, she came up to sit beside us and answer questions about the lecture.  I apologised for going off-topic but wanted to let her know that I was reading Bi: Notes For A Bisexual Revolution and that it was fucking brilliant.  That was pretty much it.  It was awesome.

supergaygenes said::( have you taken it to a bike shop? can you not get the wheel replaced? :(

I have not taken it anywhere.  I have just been thinking that the most sensible thing to do from a logistical and financial (and social anxiety/unfamilliar situation anxiety) point of view is probably to just get another second hand bike (like probably syeborg’s).  But, yeh, fuck.  I seem to have quite an emotional attachment to this particular bike.  I can try harder than this.