Dear Superfruit fans

I know y'all are probably freaking out rn over the groundbreaking news (I know I am), but we need to remember a few important things:

- Scott and Mitch are PEOPLE, and this is their actual life, not a made up story.

- they have NO obligation to share their private life with us. So being mad they didn’t tell us sooner, harassing them to share more details or trying to bully them into talking about their current relationship status is NOT OKAY.

- no matter what your opinion is on their relationship (wether you ship them or not), you have no right to attack people that see things differently.

- be nice to your fellow fandom members, and most importantly

- show Scott and Mitch your love and support in a respectful way

Thanks fandom family, I love you 💜


SCOTT & MITCH are professional singers. 



They are trendsetters and tastemakers.

They are creators. Comedians. Writers. Producers.

They are artists in every way it means to be an artist.

Always inspired. Inspiring.


And yet sometimes exhausted.

Occasionally damaged.

Less occasionally, broken.


There are long flights. There is sickness.



A work day once lasted 8 hours.

It now lasts 8 weeks. It now spans 35 cities. In multiple countries.

On multiple continents.


Families. Friends. Lovers.

They are all far away.

Not always just one flight. Hardly ever just one day.

Birthdays are missed.

Thanksgivings and Christmases are compromised.

Relationships are compromised.


Relatives pass away.

Friends give birth.

Life goes on. Work goes on.




SCOTT & MITCH are award-winning singers and composers.

They are platinum-selling, globally recognized recording artists.

They write songs that they perform in front of many thousands of fans.



They create content in purposeful and impressive quantity and quality. It doesn’t only entertain.

It motivates.

It inspires.


There is laughter on long flights.

There is empathy through sickness.

A calming counterpart through anxiety.

Consolation and hope through depression.

There was once a notion that work was what you did between sleep and fun and now work is the thing you share with your best friend.

And a work day no longer lasts 8 hours.

Sometimes it lasts 8 weeks.

And spans 35 cities.

Occasionally in multiple countries.

On multiple continents.





They are all far away, but no one is ever closer than your best friend. Never more than one hotel room away.

One bunk on the tour bus.

One armrest on the airplane.

Birthdays are never spent alone.

Relationships end and they are mourned together.

Relatives pass away and you cry on your best friend’s shoulder.

You share photos of your friends’ children.

New nieces and nephews.





You are homesick together and together you always feel at home.

Finally one day after school, in his room, I somehow found the bravery to kiss him & it was one of the most exciting moments in my life up to that point.

For 2 weeks, we secretly hooked up in my Ford ‘05 mustang and had intense emotional conversations, one of them being me asking Mitch to be my boyfriend.

He said yes.
—  Scott Hoying

ok but the fact that scott and mitch actually decided to share such private information about their personal lives? like, we barely know how mitch and kirstie got together in the past and we know even less about kirstie and scott’s relationship, but they actually CHOSE to tell the whole story, to share it with us, not just “oh and we dated when we were younger” but how they became boyfriends and how they felt and why did it end and even the fact that they didn’t talk with each other for a while. and they shared such intimate things with us? not only about them as a couple, but their personal struggles and their perception of themselves and other things too.

knowing scott and mitch love us that much to let us know about those kind of things makes me have even more respect and love for them ❤

they’re standing in a different order for the first time in history are they okay has the universe overturned