Iconic 20GAYTEEN moments

Troye Sivan blessing us

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Superfruit being supergay

Adorable gay Olympians

The Everyday movie giving us quality Pansexual and Genderfluid representation

Finpoe just Finpoe

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My boy Cyrus being the first openly gay disney character

Moonlights resurrection

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Love Simon will set standards

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y’all don’t understand how goddamn GRATIFYING it is to see that your fanfic has got a comment like you can just hit the kudos button and then exit the fanfic but then when you end up actually typing out a comment it means that you have acually thought about the fanfic and actually TYPED OUT A COMMENT and is willing to give constructive criticism that is so exciting and means. so much. to the author 

playlist #7

you’re in love with your best friend but there’s no way she’ll ever love you back and you’re so damn angry at the world that you can’t help but slam the door shut and cry and when your mom comes in and asks what’s wrong you tell her to go away because you don’t want to be a burden


Please watch this the video’s awesome AND the song’s great

daily reminder to give a fanfic author a comment - and multiple if it’s multi-chapter - because it would mean the world to them if you comment something even if it’s incoherent screaming because just seeing their art appreciated makes their day especially since the author makes no profit from writing the fanfic that you like  



here’s a playlist i created with 50+ songs that are explicitely gay (all songs have mlm or wlw pronouns or talk about being lgbt in some way). featuring artists like hayley kioko, kehlani, kevin abstract, st. vincent, troye sivan, tegan and sara, vampire weekend, icona pop, mika, superfuit, and many more!