Maybe, if you don’t tell people what it is.

Scientists think cockroach milk could be the superfood of the future

An international team of scientists has just sequenced a protein crystal located in the midgut of cockroaches. The reason?

It’s more than four times as nutritious as cow’s milk and, the researchers think it could be the key to feeding our growing population in the future.

Although most cockroaches don’t actually produce milk, Diploptera punctate, which is the only known cockroach to give birth to live young, has been shown to pump out a type of ‘milk’ containing protein crystals to feed its babies.

The fact that an insect produces milk is pretty fascinating – but what fascinated researchers is the fact that a single one of these protein crystals contains more than three times the amount of energy found in an equivalent amount of buffalo milk (which is also higher in calories then dairy milk).

Clearly milking a cockroach isn’t the most feasible option, so an international team of scientists headed by researchers from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India decided to sequence the genes responsible for producing the milk protein crystals to see if they could somehow replicate them in the lab.

“The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids,” said Sanchari Banerjee, one of the team, in an interview with the Times of India.

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El martes fue #pancakeday pero no pude cocinar así que hoy he preparado unos #pancakes de vicio para compensar. Estoy enganchada! Hoy los hice con:🔹Media taza de harina integral 🔹 Media taza de leche de avena 🔹1 cucharada de levadura 🔹una pizca de sal🔹1/2 cucharada de azúcar 🔹un poco de zumo de limón 🔹1 cucharada de semillas de lino con 3 de agua🔹unas pasas🔹1 cucharada de maca powder🔹canela (opcional)
Por encima llevan plátano, kiwi, semillas de granada, nueces y avellanas tostadas 😋

And breakfast ☀️ I keep forgetting to post my smoothie photos! 😭

Acai superfood smoothie bowl and fresh green juice (cucumber • celery • kale • parsley • lemon • ginger)🌿

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MMH 👅 Wholegrain spelt pasta with a chunky veggie sauce, baked mushrooms, avocado and lots of greens 🍃 Kale makes me feel soooo good every time I eat it - I can literally feel how healthy it is for my body #superfood ❤️ It is so important to not just focus on the macro ratio but to eat enough micronutrients as well! #eatyourgreens

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Extra-Thick Mint Chip Smoothie | Tastes like a milkshake and is packed with super foods…RECIPE



2-3 frozen bananas

1-2 tablespoons hemp milk or other non-dairy milk

1 tablespoon hemp seeds

½ to 1 teaspoon spirulina powder

2 drops peppermint oil*

1½ tablespoons dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs, divided