SuperFlower Leadex Platinum 750w Power Supply Overview

SuperFlower Leadex Platinum 750w Power Supply Overview

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Introduction & Closer Look

Brand: SuperFlower
Model: Leadex Platinum 750w Fully Modular
Price: £102.95 @Overclockers UK (At time of review)

If you haven’t heard of SuperFlower by know, then where have you been hiding the last 12 months? They haven’t only been winning a variety of awards from multiple review sites, but they have been featured with us…

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[1507.06966] Giant isochoric compressibility of solid Helium-4: the bistability of superlcimbing dislocations

[ Authors ]
Anatoly Kuklov
[ Abstract ]
A significant accumulation of matter in solid Helium-4 observed during the superflow events, dubbed as the giant isochoric compressibility (or the syringe effect), is discussed within the model of superclimbing dislocation. It is shown that solid Helium-4 in a contact with superfluid reservoir can develop a bistability with respect to the syringe fraction, with the threshold for the bias by chemical potential determined by a typical length of the superclimbing dislocation segments. The main implications of this effect are: hysteresis and strongly non-linear dynamical behavior leading to growth, proliferation and possibly exiting from a crystal of superclimbing dislocations. It is argued that the current experiments are likely to be well in this regime. Several testable predictions for the time and the bias dependencies of the dynamics are suggested.


Alfa Romeo Spider Super Sport, 1959, by Pininfarina. The Superflow II was further modified into an open roadster which was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show. The Spider also lost the Superflow’s rear wings and adopted a tail which bears a resemblance to the Alfa Romeo “Duetto” Spider of the 1960s (also designed by Pininfarina)