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How did you find your "style of drawing"? Like did you just copy people you liked until you kinda found your own thing?

tbh, i’ve never really focused on developing a personal style of drawing!  In my experience, I think having an understanding 3-dimensional form in your drawings is more important than “style”.  Once you have that you can (theoretically) switch between drawing styles with ease

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I strongly believe that for the SJWs and feminists of this site (and beyond unfortunately) social justice is merely the latest fashion. They use it not for the sake of others, but to make themselves look good. They take true progress made by real activists as their own, the same way one might boast of a t-shirt actually made by sweatshop workers overseas. Plenty don't even really care, they just wear the label to be 'in', and will just as quickly discard it when it's 'out'.

The narcissism of many of these people is staggering, and incredibly obvious.  They want to be “heroes”, but they are more than happy to pretend to be “victims” when anyone disagrees with them, because they want people to feel sorry for them and come to their defense.  It’s superficial and manipulative, and that’s the part that angers me the most.  To be honest, that’s probably what makes them the angriest of all:  The fact that people realize how spectacularly full of shit they are, and point it out to others.  They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing complaining about people pointing out that they’re really wolves.   It messes with their little ego game, and so they react like toddlers who have just had their toys taken away.  They feed off of the power they feel from gathering emotionally insecure, malleable followers that they can control.

I could write a book about the warped psychology of these people just from what I’ve learned on my own out of curiosity.  A licensed psychologist could easily write multiple volumes.

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What exactly did I do that makes you call me names? I don't remember doing anything to hurt or upset you. I'd appreciate not being called a "fuckboy"

I’ll tell you exactly why you’re a fuckboy. You’re new on Tumblr and most of your posts consist of porn (which implies you’re superficial), to further back up my assumption that you’re superficial…nothing on your blog reflects anything other than generic shit. You don’t know me but I basically made a post a bit ago about how guys with beards and long hair are starting to jump on the trend bandwagon and use the trend as a way to attract sexual attention (to prove this…you posted dick pics…come on now), you’re arrogant (as seen by your “I’m a God” statement) and it seems like you’re egotistical (seeing as you’ll reblog your pictures that have been submitted to beard blogs with “it’s me” as a caption which is…redundant but okay). 

You’re a fuckboy, I can see it. If this makes me an asshole, that’s fine…but I’m tired of fuckboys jumping on trends like flies on shit. 

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So im neither super skinny or super fat. I am not superficial, i realise that literally everything stems from inside, and though i have a low self esteem i still know im a good person. But i also realise that we all wanna look attractive to some extent. But clothes never feel right on me, i always feel they are too baggy, making me look fat or not very nice, or just don't suit me. This doesn't help with my confidence and as ive never had a boyfriend i wonder what the problem with me is.

There’s no problem with you. Really, there isn’t. Not having dated someone means nothing beyond the fact that you haven’t dated someone. You’re not living wrong.

As for the feeling attractive bit, everyone has these feelings and insecurities. I do. All the time. I felt the same way with the clothes stuff for a while. But then I started trying new things with what I wear. I tried to have fun with it. And yes I still don’t have the body I’d want in an ideal world, but I’m starting to care less. You’re allowed to love your body as is. And you’re allowed to decorate it however you want and in whatever way makes you feel best.


Hey there!
I’m Parker, 22 years living bi-racial transguy living in Sin City Nevada. Pre-everything and making appointments to start transition. Just learning to be my truest self! Balancing school, a full time job and transition is going to be difficult but living in such a superficial city, it’s become essential, thankfully I’ve got support from my love and my friends to keep me going.

Body positivity is the theme so so have some me in my binder, embracing my wide hips and slim waist no matter what✌🏼️

Trans and nonbinary folks, feel free to submit your own selfies to Ways to Raise right here, for our body positivity week!

I hate when people judge others relationship because of things they’ve heard about that person. Do you know them personally? Do you know everything about them. No probably not. You’re just going off of what you see in the media or on some other superficial place.

The only people who should have any say or opinion on the relationship are the people that are involved in it.

It’s just so annoying. Let them live their life and enjoy the time they spend together. If it lasts then it lasts, if they break up then they break up.

I can't believe how naive I used to be. I always gave people the benefit of the doubt. I never knew people were so superficial.

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Why you talking about halal when you don't even wear hijab? Lmfao

Why do you even judge people over superficial reasons while no one cares about your opinion? Lmfao

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Hi, my question is similar to one someone else has asked. I was raped, live in a toxic home, and am trying to help myself spiritually. Any meditation tips for someone full of self hatred, rage, and pain?

Sometimes we assume that a certain experience or situation is what ignited the hate and pain we have, for instance your horrible past circumstances. Because that’s the “easy” excuse to use, even though it was completely tragic, we take it and feed our anger and hate off of it for as long as we hang on to it.

However, every emotion or judgement has a deeper, core reason than the superficial ones we assume we have like disliking our neighbor or discriminating towards certain people. Hatred is not a natural feeling. It is something we learn to do as we grow older. Hatred towards others and sometimes towards ourselves.

So to find the truth, to find the real reason why you have self-hate, rage and pain, you need to look deeper into yourself and find the answer from within. It is definitely not because of you being raped or living in a toxic home. That may have ignited that fire, but there was something flammable already there waiting to be lit, so you just have to find it. Once you do, you can then work on riding it - whether it’s a feeling, a situation, a certain judgement, whatever.

We always meditate and contemplate on specific things or teachings, but sometimes we have to contemplate on ourselves to find some inner answers and peace. Once we’ve found self-peace, external peace comes easy.

Smile and be well!

Women In Uniform single ( 27 de Octubre de 1980 )
Es una pequeña canción de un mujeriego más bien superficial, que no coincide con el estilo de la Doncella. y, en contra de su juicio, la banda fue convencida por sus editores (Zomba) para liberarlo como un single, con la esperanza de generar un éxito - una decisión que la banda ha lamentado desde entonces.

Women In Uniform también se convirtieron en el primer video promocional de la banda, además de introducir a Eddie the Head de forma física. Fue una producción en vivo en el escenario del Rainbow.

Dato curioso: Según una entrevista que aparece en el DVD The Early Days, en la escena donde Eddie se sube a la cama del hospital, el actor de Eddie sufrió una herida en la frente al golpearse con la cámara.

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Uuu should so do Stuart too



  • Name: Stuart Twombly
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Style/Color: Brown, not weirdly long.
  • Height: 5′10″
  • Clothing Style: I wear shirts, pants and hats. If I’m feeling creative I might wear more than one shirt. Clothes.
  • Best Physical Feature: Well, I’m tall.


  • Your Fears: Losing.
  • Your Guilty Pleasure: Crap apps. I always end up downloading the stupid games my dad buys so he has someone to play with, and I usually end up not hating them.
  • Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Superficiality, especially but not exclusively when paired with vanity and being a bitch.
  • Your Ambition for the Future: Make enough money to take care of my dad and buy an awesome car.
  • Your First Thoughts Waking Up: “Why?”
  • What You Think About the Most: Probably my dad, or movies.
  • What You Think About Before Bed: All the shit I have to do tomorrow.
  • You Think Your Best Quality Is: My incredible sense of humor.


  • Single or Group Dates: Single. I don’t need other people watching me. Keeping up one interaction is enough.
  • To be Loved or Respected: Loved, I guess.
  • Beauty or Brains: Brains.
  • Dogs or Cats: Either. I don’t know, cats.


  • Lie: When I have to.
  • Believe in Yourself: I guess…
  • Believe in Love: Yeah.
  • Want Someone: …um, no.


  • Been on Stage: When I was little. Please don’t ask, it was for my mom. I don’t plan on being there again.
  • Done Drugs: Smoked a little, but not much.
  • Changed Who You Were to Fit In: I guess everyone does when they’re younger, but not now.


  • Favorite Color: Blue.
  • Favorite Animal: Lizards.
  • Favorite Movie: X-Men, the original. Closely followed by Terminator.
  • Favorite Game: Halo.


  • Day Your Next Birthday Will Be: November 31st.
  • How Old Will You Be: 22.
  • Age You Lost Your Virginity: 19.
  • Does Age Matter: Yeah, don’t be a weirdo about it.


  • Best Personality: I don’t know. Funny, smart. Backs up and protects her friends and family. Loyal.
  • Best Eye Color: Doesn’t matter. Light, I guess.
  • Best Hair Color: Brown or blonde. Both. I honestly don’t give a shit.
  • Best thing to do With a Partner: Watching movies, probably. Good ones, old ones, and bad ones where you decide to make out instead of finishing it. Or not like, hang out but not talk to each other. Just do whatever.


  • I love: my dad.
  • I feel: like this was a colossal waste of time.
  • I hide: porn? I don’t fucking know, what does this even mean?
  • I miss: my mom. my Xbox.
  • I wish: that I didn’t have to come up with answers for these. 
Ejemplo de decálogo absurdo de cosas que no debes escribir cuando te piden que escribas un poema

a)      el 12 de noviembre de 2014, el módulo se desprendió de la sonda Rosetta para aterrizar en el punto seleccionado del cometa. Debido a que el módulo no posee propulsión propia ni sistemas de direccionamiento, la sonda Rosetta realizó una serie de complejos movimientos orbitales para finalmente ponerse en dirección de colisión con el cometa. En ese punto -estando a 22,5 km de la superficie- se desprendió Philae, y después Rosetta cambió su dirección para ponerse nuevamente en órbita-Philae, en lento descenso que duró aproximadamente 7 horas, llegó a la superficie aproximadamente a las 17 horas (GMT) del mismo día.



c)      el 12 de noviembre de 2014, él se desprendió de toda la ropa para aterrizar en el punto seleccionado del cuerpo de ella. Debido a que el cuerpo de él no posee propulsión propia ni sistemas de direccionamiento, el cuchillo realizó una serie de complejos movimientos orbitales para finalmente ponerse en dirección de colisión con la víctima. En ese punto -estando a 22,5 cm de la superficie- se desprendió, y después el acero cambió su dirección para ponerse nuevamente en órbita- , en lento descenso que duró aproximadamente 7 nanosegundos, llegó a la superficie aproximadamente a las 17 minutos (GMT) del mismo día.




e)      esta es la música que escuchan los extraterrestres

f)       el 12 de noviembre de 2014 ella está en un hospital a la espera de que operen a su padre. De camino al preoperatorio su padre tropieza. Debido a que el cuerpo de él no posee propulsión propia ni sistemas de direccionamiento, el cocinero que salía del ascensor realizó una serie de complejos movimientos orbitales para finalmente ponerse en dirección de colisión con el paciente. En ese punto -estando a 22,5 cm del suelo- se desprendió, y después ella dormida cambió su dirección para ponerse nuevamente en órbita- , en lento descenso que duró aproximadamente 7 minutos, llegó a la operación aproximadamente a las 17 minutos (GMT) del mismo día.

g)       En general, un evento específico puede ser descrito por una o más coordenadas espaciales y una temporal. Por ejemplo, para identificar de manera única un accidente automovilístico, se pueden dar el punto kilométrico donde ocurrió (una coordenada espacial), y cuándo ocurrió (una coordenada temporal). En el espacio tridimensional, se requieren tres coordenadas espaciales. Así un modelo simple de espacio tiempo es el espacio-tiempo de Minkowski:


h)      si quiere hablar del espacio en un poema omita la palabra espacio la palabra planeta constelación meteorito sonda cosmos astronave agujero satélite olvide  la odisea de bowie evite google maps y póngase a dormir como la pobre de philae


i)        el 12 de noviembre de 2014, óscar escribió el nombre de ella para aterrizar en el punto seleccionado del cometa. Debido a que el buscador no posee propulsión propia ni sistemas de direccionamiento, google maps realizó una serie de complejos movimientos orbitales para finalmente ponerse en dirección de colisión con la calle de ella. En ese punto -estando a 225 metros de la cita- se desprendió del móvil, y después ella cambió su dirección para ponerse nuevamente en órbita- su cuerpo, en lento descenso que duró aproximadamente 7 horas, llegó a la superficie aproximadamente a las 17 horas (GMT) del mismo día.


akatharton said: Stiles dropped his arms and bit on his bottom lip as hurt flashed in his eyes. “Yeah - you are right. Sorry.” 

The beta wasn’t quite sure what to say. He didn’t want to say it had been a mistake, that wasn’t quite true. He didn’t want to mention his dislike of too many tattoos, that was a little superficial. He could mention one thing. “I don’t really want to be like this with anyone. Not right now. Not someone I know.”

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I mean, it's nice to get a comment saying "It'd be cool if you cosplayed so-and-so; you could really pull them off," but when you say you're not interested in cosplaying that character, and people keep telling you, it's so annoying! Whether or not you look like Melisandre (and I personally don't see it), it's your business if you wanna cosplay her or not. Personally, I think you look more like Sansa and Daenerys, and you pull them both off extremely well.

Yeees, exactly ;__;
I wouldn’t be so annoyed with it if I actually saw the resemblance (okay no i would still be annoyed haha), but people really need to understand that cosplay is often about love. You cosplay the characters you love or feel you have a connection to, and most people apparently doesn’t realise that when they tell you to cosplay somebody else because they think you have a physical resemblance to someone else. It’s so superficial and ugh gross


You just don’t know you know it.

It’s a relief once you stop feeling like you need a big group of friends and you’re happy to have one or two people you’re really close with. It’s like a weight is lifted once you realize it’s not worth it to say you have “a lot of friends” when 98% of them are superficial and you don’t actually like them. You have those other good friends you hang out with now and then, but you recognize there’s 1-3 people you like to see frequently. No longer do you have to suffer through so-and-so’s self centered attitude, listen to the drama of that one couple, or tolerate the overall shitty vibe of the group. Not that you didn’t have fun moments with them at the time, and some memories will still make you laugh or smile. It’s just now you no longer need this group when you want to go out Friday night and you don’t need to invite them to your birthday to feel like you’re cool, cause you don’t need a million people to celebrate with. You’ve come into your own and you’re confident about who you are and only need the small number of people that have consistently been your friend. 

A lo mejor es que llueve, y no nos damos cuenta. No nos damos cuenta de cuán ahogados estamos en nuestra propia mierda. Intentamos huir pero con un final catastrófico.

Escapamos, pero no del todo. Siempre nos quedamos en los lugares donde hemos sido nuestros, y de nadie más. Donde hemos canalizado la felicidad en las pequeñas cosas que nos ha regalado la vida en forma de personas.

Desabróchate el cinturón, nos vamos de esta aventura, que en realidad, fue un paisaje que tuvo vistas al peor de los infiernos.

Pero la verdad, es que en el último segundo, es que nos dimos por vencidos. Ya no quisimos ir más adelante, por miedo al abismo, a la caída, al golpe.

Venecia ha sido testigo de más náufragos que nunca supieron salir a la superficie, que de historias de amor.

Que no critiquen a los que hacen actos de valentía y terminan muertos en el intento. Héroe no es que el salva a otros, sino el que termina muerto salvándose a sí mismo.

Y yo nunca supe salvarme, por eso siempre termino siendo el villano de esta historia, siempre termino haciendo llorar, causando destrucción y matando alguno que otro cobarde. Y por eso me dan tanto miedo los finales, porque a los villanos les espera el peor de los desenlaces. Y se quedan solos, sin nadie que les diga que todo estará bien ni que los abrace cuando no sepan dónde quedó todo lo que un día fueron. Porque incluso ellos supieron reír, aunque ahora no sepan dónde dejaron la risa. En quién, perdón.

Las cuerdas están demasiado flojas para seguir caminando aún más, y yo tengo miedo, miedo de perder lo único que me queda después de toda esta maldita puesta en escena.

Cuando el telón se cierra, se van los aplausos, las caras, las conversaciones, el drama; y lo único que me queda es el vacío existencial. Y me voy al bar de siempre, a pedir lo mismo de siempre, a platicar con la misma mesera, Anna. Y puedo ver cuánto le duele a ella, por el tono de su voz, este desequilibrio de masas. La crisis le tiene una soga en el cuello y por eso, a veces, grita lo que calla.

Ella sigue siendo la única que me escucha al final del día,
la que me abraza cuando hace frío,
la que me motiva cuando he tenido un día de mierda,
la que me empuja cuando estoy parado frente a la oportunidad de mi vida,
la que me hace reír como la primera vez cuando repite tres veces el mismo chiste,

la única que puede romperme

a risas.

—  Benjamín Griss