One of my greatest talents is turning things that are seen as superficial- such as appearance- into things of depth. An appearance does not define a personality, but I use my imagination to create one from what I see of others. If you think about it, art is superficial in the way it is mostly based solely on appearance. But if you look closer, that appearance means something. It portrays emotion, thoughts, ideas, experiences. Nature, people, objects- they all represent the same themes. I suppose the quote, ‘Life imitates art’ is applicable in this way.
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What Each Type Thinks of the ENFP

xNTJ: Dumb, Creative, Rainbowy cheesecake

INTP: Shallow-Creative-Nyan Cat-Rainbow Vomiting Coolkid

ENTP: I understand them. They’re smart but act weird…

INFP: Me but likes to talk more

INFJ: Superficial, Art loving coolkid, smart-ish

ENFJ: Coolkid, kind of smart

ISxJ: I don’t fucking know what goes through their minds…

ESTJ: Kind of dumb, is high 10000% of the time

ESFx: MY HOMIEE!!!!!!!!

xSTP: No opinion, just: wtf

ISFP: They’re nice….

ENFP: Smart, Dumb, Nice, Mean, Social, Shy, Shallow, Deep-thinker, basically a walking contradiction.


Happy Birthday Peter Lorre [László Löwenstein]: 26th June 1904 - 23rd March 1964

Lorre - perhaps it is a misfortune - can do almost anything. He is a genius who sometimes gets the finest effects independently of his director, but he is also a throroughly reliable repertory actor…I have a horrible fear that film directors will find it easier to follow in Hitchcock’s footsteps and provide Lorre with humorous character parts than discover stories to suit his powerful genius, his overpowering sense of spiritual corruption. He is an actor of great profundity in a superficial art. - Graham Greene writing in 1936

He was a delight to work with and a joy to have as a friend, as he possessed a rare talent for gaiety. There was not a pompous or even solemn bone in his body. - John Huston

Peter was a very cultured man, a very sensitive person, a very loveable man, and with a great sense of humour. - Robert Mamoulian.

He was a remarkable innovator…a man who built his part with little tricks that were almost indiscernible, with his eyes, his face, with his body, and with a little look at the right time, a little shrug of the shoulder. Each of these built a character and built up a love in the director for that person who’s thinking of things that he should be thinking of. - Frank Capra

I am less complicated than anyone I know. My interest and instincts, I am afraid, are strictly normal, but I have always had, even as a child, a fantastical absorption into getting into people’s character - in trying to unmask them and their motives. This, I suppose is what has interested me so much in playing pathological roles, but has not, I want to say emphatically, circumscribed my ambitions, for I want to play all kinds of parts. I don’t care whether it is tragedy or comedy if it is authentic portrayal of life. - Peter Lorre

I see a lot of posts by artists who are all “Don’t say to an artist that their work reminds you of something else!” as if those artists consider it some kind of grave insult, or that its implied that they copied or stole it somehow.

I never got that. Chances are, your art is influenced by a thousand other sources around you, including other artists or pieces of media. So when someone says “hey this reminds me of a Monet painting I saw” I’m not gonna be all “FUUUUUUCK YOU FOR SAYING SO” I’m gonna be all “hey you’re right it does bear a superficial resemblance to this art style doesn’t it”

Like if I wasn’t aware of the thing I’m being compared to maybe I’ll find something new that is relevant to my interests too. So I guess I’m not sure where the outrage at simple comparisons comes from unless it’s actually an accusation and not an observation.

i’ve noticed an influx of indie games with the word “pixel” in the title within the last year–pixel piracy, pixel heroes, retro-pixel castles, life of pixel, pixel puzzles, pixel boy, pixel hunter, etc.–and like…pixel art isn’t the content of the game in and of itself, it’s a technique used to PRESENT the content. pixel art isn’t even an art style, there are a billion different styles of pixel art out there. and we’re about six years too late for a modern game to seem unique just for having pixel art. putting “pixel” in the title doesn’t actually tell your audience about the game beyond some superficial info regarding its art style. don’t just focus on the pixels, focus on what those pixels are coming together to actually MAKE

like, okay. imagine if dragon age was called “polygon age.” or if gone home was called “shader house” or some shit. do those sound like good titles to you

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Mommy do you think make-up is superficial? I'm a make up artist but they think its stupid and superficial but its art you twats

Momma thinks that makeup is art, and as such only willing “canvasses” should wear it.