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Watch the sneak peek clip from the upcoming SuperF***ers episode, “Crises on Infinite Toilets”

Coming up this week on SuperF*ckers! (Nov. 26 to Dec. 2)

We know you’ve all been patient, combing your hair like prissy nice little girls and boys. So here’s your florking schedule:


An exclusive preview of this week’s episode goes up Wednesday, November 28!


The wait ends this Friday, when “Sweet Mystery” goes live, November 30th over on SuperF***ers.

“Sweet Mystery” — Jack ponders the greatest mystery to ever confound the motherf*cker.

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Coming this week to SuperF***ers (Dec. 3 to Dec 9).

Don’t get lazy just yet, here is what’s planned for this week:


♪♫ Listen to Ultra-Richard sing “Sweet Mystery of B*tches” from the premiere episode of SuperF*ckers, “Sweet Mystery”


SuperF***ers - Behind the scenes of the premiere episode, “Sweet Mystery”


NEW EPISODE - “Sh*tstorm, MotherF***ers”

Jack sh*ts on Wonder Kyle and his costume designs.

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