A Fredbot from 1941? How did H.W. McCauley imagine so far into our future?! 

From the postcard back:

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May 2014
Channel Frederator presents
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124 million video views
Source: YouTube/Cartoon Hangover analytics

*including the channels
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Illustration by H.W. McCauley, January 1941
Fantastic Adventures magazine

Series 27.6 [mailed out May 27, 2014] 

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Holy f***ing sh*t!

The premiere episode of SuperF*ckers is now LIVE on YouTube!

“Sweet Mystery”

Jack has superpower-envy, Princess Sunshine charges her powers, Grotessa defends her best friend, and Ultra Richard explains the greatest mystery to ever confound the motherf***er.

SuperF***ckers follows a team of super-powered teens who use their powers to get high, play pranks, and fight everyone except the bad guys. Based on the comic series by James Kochalka and produced in Association with Top Shelf Productions. James is the Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont, and the award-winning creator of the webcomic diary, American Elf.

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The 3rd episode of SuperF***ers is now LIVE on YouTube

“Crises on Infinite Toilets”
With the SuperF***ers’ bathrooms in deplorable conditions, Jack needs to find a solution and fast—before the rest of the team pins the blame on him. Meanwhile, potential new recruits are lining up for tryouts to join the team.

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SuperF*ckers is under way!

Get ready for the premiere episode of SuperF*ckers, “Sweet Mystery” to air on the SuperF*ckers channel, exclusively on YouTube.

Watch the trailer

Created and written by James Kochalka
Directed by Fran Krause

Executive Producer Fred Seibert
Producer Fran Krause, Kevin Kolde, Eric Homan

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“Just as gloriously foulmouthed and hateful as the original.” —Comics Alliance

“Like Teen Titans, except with more drinking, swearing, vomiting, and other unsavory acts of debauchery. In essence, it’s a much more true-to-life take on DC Comics’ band of young adult heroes. —Geekosystem

"It’s sort of like if the Peanuts gang had starred in Chronicle (2012) only with more swearing and body fluids.” —Strange Kids Club

“Imagine if Beavis and Butthead had superpowers. Needless to say, hijinks ensue.” —Graphic Policy

“Kochalka’s version of the classic ‘50s and '60s Legion of Super-Heroes […] The only difference is that SuperF*ckers operates on the premise that these superpowered teens are truly horrible people who hate each other. It’s pretty great.” —Comics Alliance


SuperF***ers trailer on Cartoon Hangover… NOW. 

Cartoon Hangover presents SuperF*ckers, premiering November 30. Exclusively on YouTube. 

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The SuperF*ckers animated series, based on the comic books created by James Kochalka, is written by James Kochalka, produced and directed by Fran Krause

Starring Maria Bamford, Veronica Belmont, Ted Biaselli, Jeff B. Davis, David Faustino, Phil Morris, Justin Roiland, Jaleel White and James Kochalka. 

Theme song by James Kochalka.  Produced by Neil Cleary. 

Get ready for the all NEW episode of SuperF***ers tomorrow!

“Shitstorm, MotherF*ckers”
Jack shits on Wonder Kyle and his costume designs.

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A team of super-powered teens use their powers to get high, play pranks, and fight everyone except the bad guys.

We’ve got some great stuff coming this week, it’s just around the corner!

This week on SuperF***ers (Dec. 10th - 16th)


-Hey SuperF***ers, Answer the Question! 2


-SuperF***ers Behind the Scenes - Sh*tstorm, MotherF***ers


-NEW SUPERF***ERS EPISODE - “Crises on Infinite Toilets” Jack solves a house conflict by welcoming a new recruit to the team.

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You asked the questions and SuperF***ers creator, James Kochalka answered. If you want another Q & A, then you better ask more questions in the comments of this video!

Watch the sneak peek clip from the upcoming SuperF***ers episode, “Crises on Infinite Toilets”

Coming up this week on SuperF*ckers! (Nov. 26 to Dec. 2)

We know you’ve all been patient, combing your hair like prissy nice little girls and boys. So here’s your florking schedule:


An exclusive preview of this week’s episode goes up Wednesday, November 28!


The wait ends this Friday, when “Sweet Mystery” goes live, November 30th over on SuperF***ers.

“Sweet Mystery” — Jack ponders the greatest mystery to ever confound the motherf*cker.

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