superfan edition

i feel like ur the only person who wants to relive freshmen year, anon, but ok !!

day 1:


“We just love making friends here at Magnolia South.” The overly-hyper welcome-to-our-school bleach blonde teacher exclaimed into a scratchy microphone. Several people on the bleachers cringed from the static, but she seemed to be unaffected.

“Now, we’re going to play a few games in order to get y’all to meet some new folks!” She added, with an almost unbearably fake country twang. It was a little bit offensive, actually.

“This is fucking stupid.” Jellal mumbled next to him. “I’d rather be doing geometry than this.”

“Yeah,” Natsu agreed, standing up to stretch his limbs. “This chick is weird.”

The teacher on the gym floor began herding kids in an animalistic fashion, persuading them out of their specified clusters and spreading them thin like not enough butter on bread.

“Now, everybody has to meet at least one new person! Tell them your name, and your favorite…ice cream flavor!” The teacher announced, clapping her hands together enthusiastically.

Gray made a sour face. “I should’ve just slept in for orientation.”

“Same.” Natsu agreed. You could tell at that point it must’ve been bad because the only times Natsu would voluntarily agree with Gray was when either of their lives were at stake.

“Well, let’s go re-meet some losers from middle school. Hey look, there’s the kid who’s weed bag Jellal found on the ground.” Elfman randomly decided to point out. Sure enough, weed-bag kid, looking skeevy as ever, was shimmying past tight-knit groups of girls with a smarmy look on his face.

“Hey look, Erza got boobs.” Natsu pointed out curiously, like the concept was foreign to him.

“Oh yeah.” Jellal said, giving her a once-over real quickly before glancing back to the group.

“Well, let’s go meet some assholes, then regroup.” Gray suggested gruffly. He just wanted to get this day over with.

“See ya. I’mma go find Lucy and tell her she gained weight.” Natsu rubbed his hands together evilly and raced off to find his sweetheart or whatever he considered her to be.

Gray followed Jellal aimlessly through the throngs of people, uninterested in whatever was going on around him. Jellal had found some bimbo to introduce himself too, while Gray just stood, silently waiting for someone to approach him.

In no time, some chick walked up to him, eagerness dripping out of her ears, and introduced herself.

“Hi! I’m Jenny, my favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry.” She gushed. Gray was pretty sure there were about sixteen other girls just like her, but nodded fluidly.

“Gray.” He said, before moving on. She made a confused face, probably thinking something along the lines of ‘Gray isn’t a flavor of ice cream’ but at this point he couldn’t care less what sort of things ran through her head. All he could tell was that she probably filled out around fourth grade and made sure everybody knew that.

He spotted Lyon, that’s right, it was gonna be weird now that they went to the same school. They had spent elementary and middle school apart and now they’d be forced to share everything, besides a last name.

Lyon firmly believed in surrounding himself with bimbos, meanwhile Gray preferred the company of a sole girl who had enough brains to do simple arithmetic. He didn’t need a gaggle of females, just one would do fine. Unfortunately, it hadn’t exactly been smooth sailing trying to find that one girl. But it wasn’t like he was running out of time, he had all the time in the world, it seemed.

“Hey, Gray!” From across the gym, Mirajane flagged down Gray, wearing her traditional M-South Welcome t-shirt, being an upperclassman and all. Her younger sister Lisanna was in his own grade, so he knew her, sort of. Mira seemed to have this wicked idea that he wanted to date Lisanna, so she’d attached herself to him since day one.

“Did you meet anybody new?” She asked, grabbing his shoulders and kissing him on the cheek. She was a bit too friendly for his tastes, not to say that Mirajane wasn’t gorgeous or anything. She was more like a mother to him than anything.

“Yeah. I met…” he trailed off, strawberry bimbette’s name completely slipping his mind. Mira frowned distastefully.

“Gray! I ask for so little, go meet somebody new! How about…that girl!” Mira waywardly pointed across the gym to some mousy looking girl with wild blue hair. She sure knows how to pick winners. Not saying that the girl was unattractive, but attractiveness wasn’t usually the first thing Gray looked for in a girl. That being said, Mira always did have cupid’s bow attached to her back, so he had to watch it when it came to introductions.

“I guess.” He spoke, wandering over to the girl just to get Mira to hop off his ass. She mumbled something along the lines of ‘go git ‘er’ and he promptly ignored her.

The girl looked kind of twitchy, as he drew closer to her. She had her phone tightly grasped in her left hand and her foot was tapping anxiously like she was waiting for her next fix of crack to keep her from tipping ff the edge. Gray began having second thoughts about introducing himself, but Mira’s beady eyes on the back of his neck urged him to keep moving.

She made eye contact with him then she had dark, watery blue eyes and a heart-shaped face. She was really pretty. But still twitchy, and weird.

Her mouth twisted into a puzzled frown, almost accusing hi of being someone she didn’t want to meet. Miffed by her reaction, he puffed up his chest and shoved down his pride.

“I’m Gray.” He stuck out his hand to shake. Was hat weird? It had been forever since he formally introduced himself to someone, he usually just met people through mutual friends. The way the girl was staring at him he began doubting himself.

She narrowed her eyes at him, like she was half expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out from behind him and yell that she’d been punked. Gray dropped his hand, sick of waiting, and stared at her rudely.

“Oh. I’m….Juvia, I guess.” She spoke, then made a weird face like her words tasted bitter.

“You ‘guess’?” He said, a moment after the words left his mouth he wanted to smack himself. Nice first impression, idiot.

Her face died down to one of a calculating bitch.

“Yeah. I guess you’re one of those fuckboys everybody’s warned me so much about, right?” She asked condescendingly. Gray didn’t think of himself as a fuckboy, per se. He associated himself with some of them, sure, but he didn’t do anything fuckboy-ish. At least he didn’t think so…

“Oh, and what are you? Some wannabe blogger who gets offended by every little thing I say?” And…he blew it.

She took a step back, shocked by his slightly higher-level response.

“Look, you’re really cute and all, but if you ever want a girlfriend, you’re gonna need to dial it down, Ice Man.” She bit back.

Forgetting that she had called him cute, he subtly gritted his teeth and sighed. “Look, I was just trying to say ‘hi’. Are you gonna tell me what fucking ice cream you like, or not?”

“I like mint you uncultured twat!”

“Well I like mint too!”

They stood there, frozen in unnecessary anger.

“Uh…sorry for…yelling.” Juvia apologized awkwardly, sticking her hand out like he had done earlier.

He looked at her like she was crazy.
”Could you just shake my damn hand! I look like a goddamn idiot if I just stand here with my hand out!” She said impatiently, an embarrassed blush rising to her cheeks.

He shook her hand. It was slightly sweaty. He didn’t blame her though, there were at least five hundred kids squashed into the gym, and having an argument with one of them for no reason at all can spike your stress levels.

“Ooh. Strong grip.” She commented dorkily, her blush returning to the apples of her cheeks once more. That’s a weird thing to blush about.

“I guess.” He mentioned blandly. He scratched the back of his head, unsure of what to do next. He turned around and saw Mira moving her hands in circles, signaling him to start a conversation. Ugh. Why was he even listening to her.

“So.” He spoke. “What do you…like.”

“The Walking Dead.” She said quickly, before making a horrified face. “I mean…not that-“

“The zombie show?” He asked, one eybrow cocked upwards.

“Y-well, it’s more than that.” She looked a tiny bit uncomfortable with the topic. He wondered if she was one of those superfans that made crazy edits and wrote fanfiction and went crazy over fictional characters. He’d never really known someone personally like that.

“And a…and you?” She added, bouncing on her heels lightly.

“I like hockey. He said, nice and straightforward.

“Oh god.” She wrinkled her nose. “You aren’t one of those dumbasses who treats gym class like the Olympics, are you?”

He paused for a second, because he totally was one of those dumbasses. He realized that it was stupid, yes, but he tended to get particularly…heated…especially when he and Natsu got put in the same classes.

“Oh my god.” Juvia repeated, in a disappointed manner.

“Yeah…sorry.” He said with an apologetic smile. Her face flushed for some reason.

She laughed to cover it up, and he noticed that he had actually succeeded in making small talk with a new person, without having to resort to Natsu saving him from the painful sort of small talk, ie. the weather.

“Alright!” The crazy megaphone teacher from before blasted. “Your schedules are being handed out into groups, sort into your last names accordingly please!!”

“Well…I should probably go.” She spoke so quickly he hardly caught what she was saying.

“Hm. Yeah, bye I guess.” He played it off like he wasn’t proud of maintaining conversation for that long.

U-um, and you’re Gray, right?” She asked nervously.

“Yup.” He nodded. “Fullbuster.”

She nodded, recognizing that it was his last name. “Uh…great. I’m Lockser. Juvia Lockser, I mean…stupid…” she mumbled the last part and wandered away.

“Weird chick.” He mumbled under his breath, but secretly, he was proud that he had met someone on his own that didn’t annoy him to pieces. He could tolerate her, and for Gray, that was huge. Well, save Mira’s help.

Speaking of Mira, she was giving him a weird stare and looked like she kind of wanted to throw him a surprise party. He’d definitely have to keep an eye on her.

“Jesus Christ Gray, quit standing around like a dumbass and get your schedule!” Natsu yelled, whapping him in the head with his rolled-up schedule.

“Fuck off, Barbie!”

Natsu stuck his tongue out at him and raced away, probably to hide behind Lucy. Gray turned to the table with the letter ‘F’ on top and made his way towards it.

He spotted the girl, Juvia, that he had spoken to before. She was awkwardly wringing her hands In front of the ‘L’ table and picking at the edges of her hair. He held up his hand as a sort of greeting, almost to acknowledge that he knew her while still acting casual. Suck it Natsu, he could meet hot chicks on his own.

She looked at him strangely, her navy eyes darting back and forth to see who he was half-waving at. He bobbed his head forward, as if to say ‘yeah, you’.

She made the goofiest face in the world, he wished he had a camera because she looked like she could barely swallow that he was indeed waving to her.

Then, begrudgingly, she waved back, slowly and painfully. She was such a weirdo. But he’d rather she be a weirdo than some vanilla blonde girl who’s interests included nothing but the latest pop sensation.

He’d definitely make sure this wasn’t the last time they communicated.


The Outcast
An older person (usually 40+) who stands out because of their age, attitude and/or appearance. May or may not have kids. Unlike The Parent, who knows how to get along with young people and play the mom or dad role, The Outcast has trouble fitting in. They’re seen as an easy first boot. They will have trouble making allies. Even though they’re a very likable person in the real world (and will probably be a fan favorite character), their social skills won’t translate in the house. A sympathetic character. Feeling frustrated, The Outcast will isolate themselves from the rest of the house, which will only make them a bigger target. The only way for this person to stay in the house is to win comps. Examples include Risha (BBCAN3), Donny (BB16), Paul (BBCAN2), Joe (BB14), Andrew (BB12), Casey (BB11), Jerry (BB10), Chicken George (BB7).

The Nerd
Gets the nerd edit. The superfan. Knows a lot of random facts, usually about Big Brother and other reality TV shows. Socially awkward but some people might find it endearing and want to take him under their wing. Has a lot of similarities to The Poser but The Nerd is smarter. Capable of playing in the middle. Will have to win a lot of comps to get to the end. Won’t be capable of making any moves on his own. Scares easy. Easy to manipulate. Will latch on to the “cool kids” club, possibly to the detriment of his game. Examples include Jordan (BBCAN3), McCrae (BB15), Peter (BBCAN), Ian (BB14), Matt (BB12), Ronnie (BB11).

Other Archetypes: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl, The Alpha Female, The Secretly Smart Model, The Parent, The Alpha Male Villain, The Male Heartthrob, The “Showmantress,” The Poser, The Dumb Jock