[Cas: I cannot believe a student just called Elizabeth Bennet an ‘indecisive slut.’]

[Dean: what]

[Cas: I’m trying to encourage reading with good literature, and sometimes students are just so frustrating.]

[Dean: Hah! Book club? Tuesdays, right?]

[Cas: Yes, and we’re reading Pride and Prejudice this month. Have you read it?]

[Dean: Yeah, probably in high school though. I’m more of a horror-thriller Vonnegut type of guy.]

[Cas: I enjoy his books, but his books are banned at this school.]

[Dean: Why?!]

[Cas: Violence, vulgar language, and sexual content.]

[Dean: But that’s the best part!]

commissioned by knightjeran, for her AU fanfic “Shorten the Distance” that can be read >>HERE<<.

i’m not sure why but i don’t think he really looks like dean ajhgj OH WELL I TRIED. AND. YEH. ENJOY.


REMEMBER WHEN i was working on this fan comic for supernatural ahahghagha i just found these old concept arts i did and i guess i’ll never finish this project (even though i still like the idea and stuff) so here you can get to see tHE MONSTER YO

it was gonna take place on a ship called “Sirenia” and the monsters were gonna be mermaids (the original idea was sirens, but then i remembered sirens had already been on the show) and yeeeeh i was gonna do these titanic and shutter island quotes and stuff (like the namesssss look at thee nammeeesssss and aliasessss), hah. was gonna be good. and i had planned one fanservice scene with dean and castiel for all the shippers out there. and i was gonna be printing it out and selling it. but I GUESS THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN i dunno it was supposed to be innnn season 5 i think?? it just feels like the show has gone way ahead now, no one would be interested in this.



oh snap

yeh so i really liked the guy who played ezekiel (even though his acting/voice made me think of olan rogers and i laughed every time he spoke) so i felt like drawing a picture of him hEH i guess it turned out quite alright. 8–)

also; the wings were actually drawn on a different paper than the lineart just in case it would mess everything up yo