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yeh so i really liked the guy who played ezekiel (even though his acting/voice made me think of olan rogers and i laughed every time he spoke) so i felt like drawing a picture of him hEH i guess it turned out quite alright. 8–)

also; the wings were actually drawn on a different paper than the lineart just in case it would mess everything up yo

[Cas: I cannot believe a student just called Elizabeth Bennet an ‘indecisive slut.’]

[Dean: what]

[Cas: I’m trying to encourage reading with good literature, and sometimes students are just so frustrating.]

[Dean: Hah! Book club? Tuesdays, right?]

[Cas: Yes, and we’re reading Pride and Prejudice this month. Have you read it?]

[Dean: Yeah, probably in high school though. I’m more of a horror-thriller Vonnegut type of guy.]

[Cas: I enjoy his books, but his books are banned at this school.]

[Dean: Why?!]

[Cas: Violence, vulgar language, and sexual content.]

[Dean: But that’s the best part!]

commissioned by knightjeran, for her AU fanfic “Shorten the Distance” that can be read >>HERE<<.

i’m not sure why but i don’t think he really looks like dean ajhgj OH WELL I TRIED. AND. YEH. ENJOY.


REMEMBER WHEN i was working on this fan comic for supernatural ahahghagha i just found these old concept arts i did and i guess i’ll never finish this project (even though i still like the idea and stuff) so here you can get to see tHE MONSTER YO

it was gonna take place on a ship called “Sirenia” and the monsters were gonna be mermaids (the original idea was sirens, but then i remembered sirens had already been on the show) and yeeeeh i was gonna do these titanic and shutter island quotes and stuff (like the namesssss look at thee nammeeesssss and aliasessss), hah. was gonna be good. and i had planned one fanservice scene with dean and castiel for all the shippers out there. and i was gonna be printing it out and selling it. but I GUESS THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN i dunno it was supposed to be innnn season 5 i think?? it just feels like the show has gone way ahead now, no one would be interested in this.


I’ve been watching your world from afar
I’ve been trying to be where you are
And I’ve been secretly falling apart


Inspired by the song “Strange And Beautiful” by Aqualung, and especially the line “And I’ve been secretly falling apart” hgjgklfghj

I tried making Sam look like he was colored with watercolors, but I think I kinda failed a bit. 8) STILL PRETTY MUCH LIKE HOW IT TURNED OUT THOUGH.

Since I can’t keep myself from posting ANY of my GISHWHES stuff yet anymore, HERE’S ONE OF ‘EM.

Not the photo I sent in, 'cause this was still a W.I.P., but I really like the angle and stuff on this particular shot. 8)

This was for item #131. “A 4'x4’ portrait of the actor Jared Padalecki made from Swedish fish glued to plywood.” Swedish Fish is the name for a sort of candy, as people from the US might have heard of, and that’s what this was made of. XD You DON’T wanna know how much this one cost me and Daniel to make hghgjg…

#GISHWHES, best week of my life in a long time.