I livestreamed animation for a couple hours tonight and thought I’d compile a “best of” reel.  (It’s basically just me being really tired and questioning my life choices, mainly the choice to animate a character dual-wielding pistols.)

in case you saw the roughs for my SoC animation and were like “OH MAN IT’S COMING SOON”, no, I gotta do all this stuff first…just hang in there…


[Eng Sub] 170226 Yixing All Rounded Artist award acceptance speech + on stage talk with MC


THANK YOU TO @sugaegyc @joonstudies AND @k-studying for tagging me in the bias selfie tag xx (I couldn’t wait til I got home, I got so happy when you guys tagged me in this<33) 

The photos didn’t want to cooperate with me so you’ll have to click on them to see them properly ^^’ Sooo this is meee, little mee ahaha. My bias isn’t really set in stone because I’m a hoe for Bangtan ya’ll they are all so cute but I always have a soft spot for Hobi so my bias is Hoseok aka *yoongi’s voice* J-HOOOOOPE. Choosing just three photos of him is probably the hardest thing I’ve done today cx 

And I tag the lovely: @studtaeingkim @acrasium @svtnstudy @namj00nstudy @minastudying @yoongstudys @jjkookachu @jeonstarlight and everyone else who wants to do this of course! ^^ xx and some of you might already have done this so you can just ignore in that case or if you don’t want to do this