superduper cool



I have another art opportunity, or, artportunity, for your fanarts to appear in ACTUAL videos on my ACTUAL channel.

I want to start making my Pokémon team more connected with the story, and also use this as a trial for any future nuzlockes I do which will also hopefully be brimming with fanart.

The dudes and dudettes on my team right now are likely sticking with me in their current form for a long time (until they evolve or I see something REALLY COOL, and even then the only one I’d likely substitute would be Scraggy).

As such, I would love to see arts of either 1) the whole team looking cool that I can overlay at the beginning of the video, possibly with bonus trainer, or 2) an individual Pokémon from my team of your choice that I can put at the bottom on the Poké party section (meaning a potential 6 different fanarts on the screen at any given time!)

I will of course give full credit in the video descriptions for anything I use.

Images need to have transparency for easier editing. Thanks!

To clarify, the Pokémon are:
Chou the ADORABLE yet slightly quirky Quilladin, Bub the beefy Wartortle (with sunglasses), Birdface the quick and feisty Fletchinder, Puck the scrappy Scraggy (maybe bonus scars. Chicks dig scars.), Teep the cute and charming Tyrunt who tries so hard to be intimidating, and Zoey Zozo Jr. the haunted Jigglypuff (with signature warpaint).

No deadline, I’ll just rotate any superduper cool ones that appear every couple videos or something I don’t know. Pokémon.

Thanks mates. Thates.

Use the #2poke4zoey tag so that I can see them, or message me, or whatever.