homestuck is going to be the standard by which i measure depictions of gods and deification in every work of media now forever. god had a lesbian garden wedding and everybody there got completely fucked up on cosmic alien superdrugs. god has rewarded his worshipers with a gift of a crudely drawn phallus. god is your friends boss at a fortune 500 company and your friend says the pay is great and the benefits are outstanding. god is a billionare reality star and you can see his ass on tv weeknights at 8/7c

My first beauty haul to cheer me up, very low risk though because my shop has barely any staff and they don’t care :)


L'Oréal true match foundation in ivory and rose ivory (£10 each) - £20
Real techniques shading brush - £7
Ecotools eye enhancing duo set - £7
Eyelure 216 individual lashes - £17

Total - £51

I recently went to England on vacation with my family (I’m from Canada) and I had only one request/demand: To go to the local Superdrug and purchase Tanya Burr’s nail polish ‘Little Duck’. My request was granted and voila! I’m so happy to have a Tanya Burr product and be able to wear it! My sister also bought the lip gloss 'Afternoon Tea’ (which I may have to borrow from time to time :P).

I found Tanya’s lips and nails range in Superdrug today, it made my soo happy to see the lip glosses and nail polishes sat there on the shelves!

I would recommend these to anyone, they are just so so gorgeous and really pigmented. They also smell amazing (trust me) and they names are super super cute

Got the cutest present yesterday! Tanya burrs nail varnish & lip goss 🎉
I literally fell in love with these as soon as I opened them. The colours are so gorgeous: I have the lip gloss in ‘just peachy’ and the nail varnishes in 'mini marshmallow’ and 'penguin chic’. Thank you for this amazing collection Tanya! If anybody wants to buy some of her products, you can buy them from here: 🙌😘😘