Imagine if only…

So this just popped into my head the other night when I couldn’t sleep.  What if in the S3 premiere we have Alex wake Kara up in the DEO after some kind of deep sleep / dreamworld mind tricks by Psy, and we learn that S2 was all just Kara’s dream.  Like that one time on Dallas.

No Guardian storyline, no Mon-el, no weird undercooked Jeremiah is back but not really storyline, Cat doesn’t leave, Winn doesn’t date that alien girl who gives me the heebie jeebs, and so on.

Except for Alex’s coming out storyline. That can stay.


SUPERDREAMER by David Broner

You may think that your REM reveries are out of this world, but if you aren’t donning multi-colored spectacles and fusing barnacle-like objects to your face, you aren’t a SUPERDREAMER. Sorry!