Cartoons I Loved But Forgot About:

Mucha Lucha

El Tigre


American Dragon Jake Long

Chalk Zone

Jackie Chan Adventures

Kappa Mikey

All Grown Up

Xiaolin Showdown

The Replacements

Secret Saturdays

Yin Yang Yo

Generator Rex


Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Robot Boy

Camp Lazlo

Class of 3000

Code Lyoko

Duck Dodgers

Krypto The Superdog

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Static Shock

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

Totally Spies

add if you want to.

I never got the chance to meet Ace… I’ve heard of so many stories about the kinds of adventures he’s been in and based on those stories… I really wish I could have met him.

In fact, a big part of me actually looks up to him.  Nobody knows what happened, but one day..

He just disappeared.

And that brings us to where we are today.

 Ace, if there’s even a chance you can hear me right now…

I hope I’m doing your legacy justice.

Is it strange that a small part of me, still believes you’re out there somewhere?

Maybe it is, but I’d like to hold onto it and meet you one day.

Supersons costumes
  • Damian Wayne: So let me get this straight. Your costume is literally a secondhand jacket from a discount hot topic with your dad's "S" on it, and Krypto the Superdog's cape.
  • Jon Kent: Yep, why?
  • Damian Wayne: *smirk* You're like a really budget cosplay of your dad.
  • Jon Kent: Oh yeah? look like an edgy cosplay of Dick Grayson!
  • Damian Wayne: *gasp* you take that back!!