Xabi Alonso, Midfielder



  • FA Cup: 2005–06
  • FA Community Shield: 2006
  • UEFA Champions League: 2004–05
  • UEFA Super Cup: 2005

Real Madrid

  • La Liga: 2011–12
  • Copa del Rey: 2010–11, 2013–14
  • Supercopa de España: 2012
  • UEFA Champions League: 2013–14

Bayern Munich

  • Bundesliga: 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17
  • DFB-Pokal: 2015–16
  • DFL-Supercup: 2016



  • FIFA World Cup: 2010
  • UEFA European Championship: 2008, 2012


  • Spanish Player of the Year: 2003
  • Premier League Goal of the Month: November 2004
  • FIFA FIFPro World XI: 2011, 2012
  • La Liga Best Midfielder: 2012
  • UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament: 2012
  • UEFA Champions League Team of the Season: 2013–14
Bayern Munich’s summer schedule

06 July - BCF Wolfratshausen v FC Bayern (friendly)
09 July - FSV Erlangen-Bruck v FC Bayern (benefit match)
15 July - FC Bayern v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (Telekom Cup), followed by the 3rd place or final match
19 July - FC Bayern v Arsenal (Audi Football Summit)
22 July - FC Bayern v AC Milan (Audi Football Summit)
25 July - Chelsea v FC Bayern (International Champions Cup)
27 July - FC Bayern v Inter Milan (International Champions Cup)
1 August - FC Bayern v Liverpool (Audi Cup)
2 August - 3rd place or final match (Audi Cup)
05 August - Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern (German Supercup)


Beginner’s Guide to German Football

Disclaimer: This is not funny, because I have no humour. This is an honest guide to the German competitions for all new fans of the sport in Germany.

I ALSO NOTICED A MISTAKE WHEN I SAW THAT JUST NOW: The third lowest ranked Bundesliga team plays the third highest ranked team in second league for the relegation I was also made aware of the fact that I claim Freiburg got 5th - they didn’t, Wolfsburg did
random barca moments

write in the tags how many you remember!

  1. busi’s last minute goal against valencia (14/15)
  2. preseason training where the players ran around in giant inflated balls (16/17)
  3. the rakitic razzler (16/17)
  4. after copa del rey 15/16 when the players were taking a group photo and suarez was hopping over on one leg and delfina was copying him (15/16)
  5. lucho’s “abracadabra” (15/16)
  6. claudio bravo’s “ehhh ahhhh” (14/15)
  7. the supercup against sevilla where pedro scored the winner and we all cried (15/16)
  8. when cruyff passed away and we all cried (15/16)
  9. when we were playing atleti and jordi bore down on arda “like a squirrel-faced hellbeast” and stole the ball from him (14/15)
  10. when jordi got hit by the linesman’s flag (14/15)
  11. jordi not being able to look when messi took a penalty against valencia in 14/15
  12. when suarez gave messi grumpy pyjamas (15/16)
  13. pique’s iconic emoji tweet after the cheryshev incident (15/16)
  14. messi’s copa del rey wondergoal against athletic (14/15)
  15. neymar 100% jesus (14/15)
  16. messi and suarez revealing they sit down to pee (16/17)
  17. when the players accidentally walked into the getafe press room dressed in halloween costumes (15/16)
  18. when messi followed chelsea on instagram (14/15)
  19. that ter stegen save vs bayern (14/15)
  20. neymar’s wonder goal against villarreal (15/16)
  21. sergi roberto’s backheel assist (15/16)
  22. sergi roberto’s surging forward run to assist the first goal of the 0-4 (15/16)
  23. when we played city and messi rolled on the ground bc he was so done (15/16)
  24. when xavi fought neymar on the treble tour bus (14/15)
  25. when a fan gave msn hamburgers (14/15)
  26. at the bdo ceremony when cristiano and anto shook hands and neymar looked ready to kill someone which led to the most awkward photo ever (15/16)
  27. when messi tackled pepe to the ground (15/16)
  28. rafinha and his bonsai (14/15)
  29. pique thanking kevin roldan for the treble (14/15)
  30. barca’s offside trap against psg (14/15)
  31. when messi used the ref to get past a celta player (15/16)
  32. during april’s fools’ day when the squad stuck a paper stickman on aleix’s shirt (15/16)
  33. the crisis (14/15)
  34. when we were apparently buying paul pogba (15/16)
  35. dani going down an escalator head first (14/15)
  36. when aleix scored his first goal and everybody laughed (16/17)
  37. busi admitting that football is better than sex (15/16)
  38. barca players and family all going to port aventura together (15/16)
  39. when ney was stepping on a ball and luis kicked it from him then ney almost murdered him (16/17)
  40. the squad celebrating valencia’s goal against rm so loudly that it could be heard in lucho’s press conference (14/15)

look how cute is this: a champion crying because he has given his best but failed a penalty kick, being comforted by a whole team. you know, he is one of the best forwards in europe but just can’t handle the fact that he can still do something bad to a team that truly loves him. i love this because i love that a young, strong & talented kid is bounded to a shirt this much, that he just can’t hide the pain he feels in a loss like this one against milan tonight. i’m so glad dybala is a part of a team i love with my whole heart. hope he’ll stay forever.

Der DFL-Supercup zwischen dem BVB und dem FC Bayern wird am 05.08.2017 in Dortmund stattfinden.


The dfl supercup between borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern München will take place on the 5th august 2017 in Dortmund

BVB Sommervorbereitung 2017 BVB summer shedulding 2017

09.06.17                             WM Qualifikation / World Cup Qualifiers
                                           Dembélé,Bürki, Guerreiro ,Sokratis                                 

10.06.17                             WM Qualifikation / World Cup Qualifiers

                                           (Schürrle, Durm),  Piszczek

11.06.17                             WM Qualifikation / World Cup Qualifiers

                                           Bartra, Mor, (Sahin)

16.06.17 - 30.06.17            U21-EM / U12 European Championship (Dahoud)

17.06.17 -02.07.17             Confed-Cup (Ginter, Guerreiro)

05.07.17                              Trainingsstart vrs. / probable start of training    

13.07.17 - 19.07.17             Asienreise / Asia Journey

    -15.07.17                          Testspiel / Friendly  vs Urawa Reds (Japan)

    -18.07.17                          Testspiel/ Friendly  vs. AC Mailand (China)

26/27.07.17                          Trainingslager Bad Ragaz / Trainingcamp 

     -?                                     Testspiel 1 / Friendly 1

     -?                                     Testspiel 2 /Friendly 2

05.08.17                                Supercup vs FC Bayern München

11-14.08.17                           Erste Runde DFB Pokal / First round DFB Cup

18-20.08.17                           Bundesligastart / Start of the ne BuLi season

Good things that happened to Fc Barcelona players - 2016

- Marc Bartra got signed to BVB and is as happy as never 💞
- Marc & Melissa are getting married 👰💫💍
- Dani Alves signed with Juve but each Brazukas reunion is melting our hearts
- Messi scored 50 goals for FC Barcelona and 8 goals for Argentina
-  Luis Suarez scored 40 goals in La Liga and a total of 59 overall
- Luis Suarez  became the Top Goalscorer
- Fc Barcelona won the :
- La Liga
- Copa Del Rey
- UEFA Super Cup
- FIFA Club World Cup
- Supercopa de España
- European Supercup
- MSN is still better than your faves
- Rafinha got more time to play 🙌
- Rafinha scored 5 goals in 5 games …Messi watch out,Rafael is coming for your ass
- Arda did not come to play with you hoes he came to slay
- Pique says that El Clasico turns him on
- Pique STILL is petty and shady on Twitter
- Denis Suarez was sent by the angels to bless us with his good looks
- Umtiti and Rafa seem to be best friends
- Also Rafa and Ter Stegen - TERFINHA AYEEE
- Let’s not forget about NEYFINHA
- Ney & Rafa kept nagging each other
- Rafa kept hitting everyone around him with his phone
- Don Andres is still raising the others bcs they are still kids
- Pique wants to become president
- Xavi & Puyol still give us hope
- Ter Stegen was given to us by God Himself to save our asses
- Ney & Rafa gracefully represented Brazil at the Olympics
- Ney lead Brazil to the Gold Medal
- Neyfinha matching tattoos and blonde hair
- Fc Barcelona sucked the life out of Lucho so prayers up for his hairline.

SUMMERY: FC Barcelona is still the best and yall can stay mad.