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The pilot episode

the hand thing from the “meet the enchantress” clip has given me so much insight on june and enchantress’s relationship so here are a few things i’ll be changing and/or adding from this point onwards!

  • enchantress does not go out of her way to murder innocents. criminals and supercriminals are fair game, but for the rest of humanity, the enchantress won’t really do much for them, either. 
  • the enchantress, after a certain period of living inside june and feeling the things june feels, will grow protective of the people june cares about. most times june must urge the enchantress to save innocent bystanders, but later on will save others without thinking twice.
  • this is mostly because of june moone balancing enchantress out with her reasoning and calming personality. june and the enchantress must both agree on whether or not to put an end to a person, but whereas the enchantress will be perfectly fine with ending anyone’s life, june moone’s stance on not killing opponents is very firm.
  • enchantress is terrible at physical affection. she doesn’t have the depth that well-adjusted humans have when it comes to performing such gestures. simple things like casual physical contact via her hands or fingers is more her style.
  • ENCHANTRESS DOES NOT TAKE KINDLY TO BEING LIFTED OR HAVING OTHER PEOPLE GO BEHIND HER BACK. do not attempt either of these. she will attack you regardless of whether you are hostile or not.
  • on a similar note, DO NOT TRY TO HUG HER FROM BEHIND, either. see the above.
  • very few people are able to do the above two points without getting maimed. only loved ones and people the enchantress and june can trust can do these. 
  • enchantress does not readily admit her feelings about anyone, but she does care for june moone in a way. the extent of this care is unknown as of yet, but the point stays: the enchantress cares about june moone and will not see any harm come to her.
viraontheair replied to your post:I have to wonder if we didn’t have so many…

I don’t know, really. My gut tells me that supercriminals would still exist. Isn’t what you said rather like saying that fewer people would commit crimes if there were no police?

I suppose. But there are still supervillains who only do what they do to antagonize the heroes, such as the riddle telling debacle from a few nights ago.