supercraft minequest

Wow, guys. You did it. You actually voted in Manant. Manant won. 

Way to go! Hi-Five city will probably be run great now with this guy in charge. We would investigate these new suspicious votes, but he’s got us constantly guarded by his ant henchman, and even a wrong look in their direction is considered a huge offense, with threats of giant ant related punishment. So, The Great and Glorious Manant is now in charge. We are all in stunned disbelief. 

We’ll just have to make do with him in charge now, I guess. Maybe things won’t be so bad. Even though we have an insane villain now running the city. Good job on that one, guys.

Congratulations to our runner up, Momo. Manant refuses to accept any sort of prize, saying we are ‘not worthy of his presence’ and that our gifts are 'tacky’, so you will be receiving them instead.


Some shots from the takeover. It’s a nightmare out there! Be careful, fellow Cadets!

1. Guess there’s a sale on coal

2. Guh.

3. Nooo! Not Super Power Magic Man and Lanolin Lady!

4. Gloopy too!

5. The new guys at Trusty Dusty’s seem kinda… off.

6. They don’t like spiders either. Keep your pet spiders close!

7. The Battletram is still all caged up- Poor thing. Sources inside say all the doors are sealed shut with stone, too. Where’s The Aquabats?

8. At one point two Aquabats came back and guided the group back to safety, and offered healthy snacks. 

9. But the statues of the Bats are gone, replaced with these sick images. It is a sad day for us all.

10. A tip, Cadets. (And keep this on the hush from those Powdered Snow Goons!) -Where there's graffiti, there’s friends. You just have to keep your eyes open. 


Just to show you how crazy we on the quest team are- This is just story notes for about three or four weeks worth of quests. If you’re able to read my handwriting, you can see how different some plots would’ve been, haha. Also, art class notes.