so i know zack did a fashion thing for what he loves about autumn, but i really do love wearing chunky knits, especially scarfs. what i love most about fall is you can wear it with a light jacket, and just enjoy the crisp, fall air without freezing or sweating.

also, this turned into a little more than a sketch. i just started messing around in photoshop and this happened. anyway, enjoy!

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hey guys, aubrey here. so i kind of had this idea of a young boy who has always admired his father’s old flying machine that’s been sitting around and collecting dust for years. eventually, he goes behind his fathers back and does his best to fix it up and fly it himself. i put some last minute greys in this but i think it’d be fun to color.

anyway, check out my personal work here!

This is John, and this week we’re doing our first SUPERCOOLSKETCHSWAP! What happens is that each of us do a quick concept sketch based on the theme, pass it along to another supercoolsketchblog member, and then they use that concept sketch to make some arts! If that sounds confusing, you’ll definitely understand it once Zack posts on tuesday

Chosen randomly:

Zack will be drawing Aubrey’s concept sketch

Aubrey will be drawing John’s concept sketch

and John will be drawing Zack’s concept sketch

The theme this week is ASTRONAUTS. Let’s make some art that’s OUT OF THIS WOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD!

John here. Okay so I clearly rushed through this but I really wanted to make something in color and I couldn’t think of a single thing to draw until yesterday but I already had plans to go out yesterday and I’ve been busy making up schoolwork and I have a midterm on monday and my brain is completely fried today. DEM LEAVES MAKE ME THINK OF AUTUMN.

Posting a topic tomorrow!