• Allison Stock
  • Supercon^2 (ducting)(lliders)

SEA OF DIRAC // This song is about a doomed relationship, and what happens when matter and antimatter collide. The Dirac equation (i.e. the Dirac Sea) expands upon the Shrodinger equation. It also relates quite nicely to when someone who is impossible to love and someone who is impossible to hate try to make something work, and instead end up just ruining everything.

For those of you playing at home, in an alternate universe, this is a “cover” of the song made famous by a band that doesn’t exist. In reality, CWR wrote the lyrics, I wrote the music (and a couple of phrases), and we had a grand time collaborating on this.

(art is by narcomanic, and I hope it’s okay that I’m using this! I didn’t ask, but I’m too obsessed with it to let it be. SO BEAUTIFUL, RIGHT?)

feeling burned out from studying?

take a 20 minute break to watch something and be reminded of why u love learning


The Big Bang is simply the vanishing point in our review mirror. The illusion of an oasis … and madness. Your choice … red or blue … which way will you shift?

Are you coming or are you going?

Or are you arriving in a constant state of departure?

Keith Prossick - Artist

  • Syncope
  • Friend King
  • Supercollision

There is a fanfic called Designations Congruent With Things by cleanwhiteroom and it describes an album by the fictional band The Superconducting Supercolliders.  This is my version of one of those songs.

All sounds by me.  Lyrics by cleanwhiteroom.  Kindly mastered by elementals.

Download a version of this for free at my Bandcamp page.


Look at me, making fan art for a song from a nonfictional/fictional band from a fan fiction. And I don’t know why it appears twice. That was the only way I could get it to post. I will hopefully get better at this as time goes.

So, opening line from Syncope by The Superconducting Supercolliders, the band that is/was fronted by Newton Geiszler in the most wonderful fanfiction ever, Designations Congruent With Things by CWR. Like seriously. And yeah, I wanted to make a thing for it, because I love the song, and all the Supercos songs are deserving of art.

um, done with copic markers and  white gel pen

Radiohead’s 2016 Tour Setup and New Equipment

The gear setup for the current tour is slightly simplified in comparison to 2012. On that tour, the band seemed to be experimenting with new gear (such as Thom and Jonny’s DSI Tetra’s) and techniques while touring. This time, the rig is much more concise, oriented specifically towards performing new songs. As a result, old songs are being adjusted to fit the new setup. The touring rig is also simplified in comparison to what must have been used on A Moon Shaped Pool. For example, much of the Max/MSP looping and other delay effects have been eschewed. Thom and Ed have taken on many of the piano parts, adjusting them to match their setups and playing styles. The intro to Decks Dark is a particularly good example: Ed tremolo picks with delay to mimic a single piano notes being played very quickly with delay, while Thom finger plucks chords to mimic soft low piano chords panned right on the studio recording.

There are quite a few new additions to touring rig, many of which help to keep things simple. For instance, Ed has a new white Fender “Sustainer” Stratocaster, which he using for most of the new songs, as well as on older tracks for which on previous tours he used either his white 70’s Strat or his black “Sustainer” Strat. He’s also using far fewer guitars than previously. Jonny has revamped his keyboard setup to downplay his use of sampled keyboards on old songs and to emphasize ondes Martenot and strings parts. Jonny has also eschewed his Ashdown bass cabinet, which was used last tour exclusively for Supercollider. Colin has a new vintage Fender Precision Bass, which he is using for every track from the new album.

Each day for the next week, there will be a post detailing one of the new instruments being used. They will be posted under the tag #AMSP-Tour-New-Gear, and also under the more general #Radiohead-Tour-2016 tag.

Dreaming Correctly
  • Dreaming Correctly
  • The Superconducting Supercolliders
  • Dreaming Correctly EP

The last track of the last Supercos album for the last chapter of Designations.  How poignant is that?  This is the longest and most experimental of the Supercos tracks; think of it as a love letter to human brinksmanship.

Music written and performed by me.  Lyrics are an even 1/3 split between myself, cleanwhiteroom, and Wallace Stevens.  Additional vocals by allyspock.  Mastered by elementals.  Coverart by littletinheart.  As always, this song can be downloaded for free on my Bandcamp page (DON’T PAY FOR IT!!!) and streamed on the cleanwhiteroom website.

  • Heliolatry
  • Allison Stock
  • Superconduction

HELIOLATRY // This song is about navigating the peaks and valleys of your own mental landscape, and maybe getting a bit lost in the extremes. Music by me, lyrics by cleanwhiteroom, cello and banjo by Friend King, and mastered by the master herself, elementals. Cover art by narcomanic. Available to download from

To be perfectly honest, this song was the most difficult song I’ve ever done. While a part of me wants to feel a little bit guilty for all the torment CWR, elementals and I slogged through to get this beast finished, I feel like it’s worth it. So yeah. Heliolatry: more painful than flying headfirst into the sun, but totally worth it. Nice work, team!

  • Evangeline
  • Friend King
  • Superconduction

This is another song from Newt Geiszler’s fictional band in Designations Congruent With Things by cleanwhiteroom.  This one is about a robot girl with OCD tendencies who doesn’t know she’s a robot. 

All sounds by me.  Lyrics by cleanwhiteroom.  Kindly mastered by elementals.  Cover art by narcomanic.

Download a version of this for free at my Bandcamp page.

last night I got a tattoo with a line from a song by a band inspired by a story in which a large amount of the internal character conflict derives from ill-considered tattoo choices.

In all seriousness, I have loved this quote since the first time I heard it, and since I’m going to spend the rest of my life repeatedly testing things, it seemed appropriate, and more eloquent than “the scientific method rocks.” My shoulderblade is a little itchy today, but it barely hurt while it was happening, and I really love the way it turned out!!

The line was written by cleanwhiteroom

  • Benzene
  • Elementals
  • Superconduction

BENZENE // This song is about coming to conclusions in dreams that you cannot while you are awake. To be more specific, it is about the discovery of the elusive chemical structure of Benzene, made by Friedrich August Kekulé while dreaming of an Ouroboros (a snake eating its own tail).

music written by me

lyrics written by cleanwhiteroom

vocals by elementals-ao3

guitar by elementals’ son

available for download on Bandcamp (Elementals’ bandcamp! not mine! don’t worry!)

Elementals and I have been working on this track for a while now. I am a huge fan of her beautiful singing voice as well as her speaking voice, and I wanted to write a song for her to sing, so CWR and I wrote this. Elementals and I spent a lot of time going back and forth, experimenting with harmonies and synth, me trying to record a solid guitar track that didn’t have any of those sloppy metallic twangy sounds. Elementals’ insanely talented son was working on adding an additional guitar track. I was trying to tweak the bass track that I’d recorded on my guitar to get it to sound like I was actually playing a bass. We did a lot.

And then Elementals sent me this, and I threw my hands up in the air and said that this was it. This was the song. (Of course, I’m leaving out what I did first, which was clutch my chest and burst into tears over how beautiful this is.) The thing about making music is that it should be about discovering/finding the song, not forcing the song. And… this is the song. I keep needing to take a step back and pinch myself like, I wrote this song??? And this is real??? And it sounds this beautiful??!?!? Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Between Elementals and her son, the talent on this track is unreal. Absolutely unreal. I feel so grateful and lucky that they did this. I need to stop, otherwise I will just go on and on about how insanely talented this woman is, and how emotional I am getting over this song right now. I just. Can’t even deal.

  • LHC
  • Friend King
  • Superconduction

This song is about two super colliders, the famous LHC in Europe and the terribly tragic defunct Superconducting Supercollider in Texas.  Hope the chorus gets stuck in your head FOREVER!  Song inspired by Designations Congruent with Things.

Music written and performed by me.  Lyrics by cleanwhiteroom.  Mastered by elementals.  Coverart by narcomanic.  Idea for the round at the end courtesy of CWR.

As always, song can be listened to and downloaded on my Bandcamp page.  Also, my Bandcamp only has a few remaining free downloads.  Get them while you still can!  Do NOT pay for them.  If you want to download wait until 3/12 when more free downloads will become available.  Otherwise, you can stream the song for free there or at cleanwhiteroom’s new website!