vriska is my favourite homestuck and has been basically since she was introduced, but as I mentioned before I don’t think I have ever drawn her quite the same way twice

some of these are much rougher than others, some are from much less skilled periods in my artistic growth than others, some were used (or at least created FOR use) in the comic itself and some are just general goofin’, but all are by me

EDIT: added the alterniabound walksprite and the pirouette animation for vriska’s standard sprite, which I had forgotten about in my messy file system

Snorri & Jezza's generous gift to Aurora

Snorri & Jezza’s generous gift to Aurora

Due to some… errors… made while trying to supercart 50DC of cobble at once there are about 25dc of cobble in various locations between olympia and aurora.

Some may say we threw in the towel and quit.

I agree.

We were defeated. 100%. So whoever finds that cobble can have it. You’re welcome to it.

Note to the server - Fuck supercarts.

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near-final version I’m pretty sure

I said previously that it would be an absolute groaner and I am nothing if not true to my word

gonna come back later with fresh eyes to make touch-ups but this ain’t far off I think

(EDIT: this post has now been updated with final version and I’m gonna solicit votes like a jerk in a couple weeks)

been scribbling several gerudos, including gerudo link, buff gerudo guards, and just rando civlian gerudo (above). going to go to bed now but maybe I’ll colour and finish some more of them in the morning

I keep forgetting that my mental image of the gerudo is at this point completely detached from how they dressed and armed themselves in the games. haven’t drawn any bellydancer outfits so far


posting these because I think people didn’t know I made some of this?? I like to share + reminisce

the first few pixel flashes in homestuck bring back good memories because I got to come up with all these stupid gags that actually made it in and became canon

I think the animated element let me toy around with a different style of visual humour than normally comes across in my work, and that’s something I’m keeping in mind for when I start work on honey crab

my finalized shirt entry is on the WeLoveFine site now, and voting starts in a couple weeks. no more chance to tweak it, even if I wanted to!

for the curious, below is the original concept scribble I had going, but it wasn’t coming out very well, and the style struck me as too straight-faced. I decided I wanted something much cuter and goofier to match the incredibly corny slogan

now that I have a name I could finally motivate myself to sketch out this char

its pronounced eye-triss and she is extremely lankypowerful and likes to transform to catch bad dudes during her morning jogs and this is ur chance to get on the ground floor of her fandom