Season 12 Wishlist

Okay so now that the season finale has aired and we have all had at least a little bit of time to think it through, I decided to start this positivity post for Season 12 because I don’t know about you guys but I am SO EXCITED about Season 12 I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am. So I’m writing a wishlist instead which anyone is free to add onto:

1. Castiel gets his emotional arc resolved - This is a big one. As a Cas girl I was left unsatisfied with Castiel’s arc this season, HOWEVER, we KNOW from previous Dabb episodes that he loves to explore Castiel’s emotional story and I have no doubt that this will continue into season 12. Our angel still has a story ahead of him (hopefully ending in the love of a certain green eyed hunter.)

2. SUPERBRITISH - I am not going to stop going on about this. This is my land, My green and (fairly) pleasant land. The British are coming to Supernatural and I cannot stop being excited about it. Can I please have ALL the TFW in London head canons please? From traffic jams and silly accents to discovering the glory that is a bacon roll from Gregs on a Sunday morning whilst suffering a horrendous hangover.

3. Awesome female characters continuing to kick ass - I adored the use of female characters in the finale. They all lived, no one female was a sexy lamp (sadly that role was given to Castiel) and no one got forced into unnecessary make out sessions. The women are smart, sarcastic badass queens who will RULE this show come October, and I for one, cannot wait. 

4. Men of Letters vs Grand Coven - Yes this is a big one and I am hoping is the main story arc going forward into season 12. I want to see more of the Grand Coven of witches and their European battle with the Men of Letters. I am expecting more awesome women kicking ass thanks to this potential storyline.

5. Mother Mary and family time - Mary’s reveal was pretty amazing especially since I think we were all expecting it to just be her ghost or a vision or something, but nope, Mummy Winchester is back on the scene and I can’t even begin to imagine what they are planning to do with this. All I am hoping for is that Mary’s influence will help Dean to accept certain parts of him that he loves to keep repressed (effeminophobia and his bisexuality being the big ones). Mary coming back will hopefully start to truly break down and destroy John Winchester’s toxic influence over his sons. I also really really want her to meet Cas and say the words “Thank you for watching over my son.” YES.

6. Sam gets some distance from Dean, some other friends, maybe a girl, and definitely a dog - I think it is safe to say that Sam isn’t dead. Probably just shot in the arm or leg or something. I want him to be taken to England by Lady T and face the Men of Letters. I hope that they will warm to Sam (and his wonderful moose charms) and that Sam will get to bond with his British companions away from Dean (because Dean always steals the side characters away and bonds with them more than Sam ever does - except for Eileen). Maybe there could even be love in the future for Sam - either by bringing back Eileen or developing a decent and believable relationship between Sam and Lady T (I don’t want her forced into the love interest role, I think she is far too good for that already, but if she becomes a regular throughout the season like Rowena is then potentially a relationship could blossom slowly between them. It could work. I have been hoping for love for Sam for some time now and I can see the potential in this).

7. Lady T is a well developed, fully rounded, likeable character and not a sexy lamp or boring love interest - I already love her. I want to know more about her, her motivations, her back story, how she became a woman of letters, I want her to be a worthy adversary to the Winchesters before becoming a trustworthy ally. I want her to continue to take none of their shit, to put them in their place and therefore earn their respect. I also really want to see her face of with Rowena. That would be awesome. England vs Scotland right there! Potentially I would accept her becoming a love interest to Sam only if it was done right. If it was done in the subtext throughout the season and is only a very very tiny part of the storyline. It would have to be major slow burn. No forced kisses like in CACW (did you guys see that? what the fuck was that?). Only then, would I accept any sort of romantic sub-plot between characters.

8. More screen time for Dean and Cas = DESTIEL - Well obviously. It wouldn’t be a proper supernatural wishlist if it didn’t have Destiel written in big letters somewhere now would it? After all the build up in Season 11 in the subtext I am still convinced that this is going somewhere. The season finale has NOT destroyed my positivity at all. In fact it has only added to it. (come ask me about it if you want more info). At the end of the day, Dean and Cas are going to have to save Sam. This means spending time together trying to FIND Sam in a completely unknown city (hence my excitement over them renting a car and getting stuck on the M25 before ending up lost in somewhere like Surrey… Oh the fanfiction potential! I can practically taste it! I have faith in Dabb to bring us more destiel moments. he has always been good to us.

9. Following on from the above… HUNTER CAS - Dabb brought us the wonderful episode Hunteri Heroci which had Cas try out his hunting skills (and save the day I might add). We know Dabb loves Cas. I have every reason to believe that Cas will get more time as a Hunter. I want him in MOTW episodes. He will be soooo good in MOTW episodes please please PLEASE let this happen! (especially if the MOTW episodes are set in BRITAIN because the boys are still out there dealing with the MOL and the Grand Coven…. I see them dealing with ghosts that are 1000 years old and haunting freaking castles… it will be glorious.)

10. More funny episodes - So this scene: 

(Gif by @cassammydean)

Makes me want more witches doing ridiculous things to the boys. Give me ACTUAL MOOSE SAM WINCHESTER PLEASE! Give me the kind of silly witch stories we have been reading about in fanfics for far too long… come on show, its season 12! What have you got to loose?

11. Beach Episode - This is purely for @elizabethrobertajones. Maybe once they are done in Britain, they’ll head off to the med for a true European beach experience… They’ll be fine as long as they have Cas with them. He speaks all the languages. He can order the cocktails and ice creams. ;-)

Feel free to add onto the wishlist! I would love to know what everyone else is hoping for in the new season!!

andimeantittosting  asked:

(1/2) I know it was a few episodes ago now, but I’m still not over how ridiculous the whole Kendricks thing was. This is a terrible way to run a school? Like, morally, obviously, but also logistically. If you’re killing half your student population, how are you replenishing your numbers? They got Mick when he tried to pickpocket one of them, but Dickensian urchin is really falling out of favour as a career choice these days, so that can’t be their main recruitment method.

(2/2) Plus some of these kids must be legacies – don’t their parents balk at sending them to a school where they have a 50% chance of dying horribly? What about the MOL parents’s non-MOL spouses? And don’t the younger students notice when a bunch of the older students just die or disappear? What do they do with all the bodies? I just *throws up hands* Murder Hogwarts is not a sustainable education system. (no really, I love season 12, but this is so wtf)

It’s so ridiculous I’m going to have to assume it isn’t how they’ve always done things :P Like, it’s got worse as time goes on, and this is part of the current problem of how extreme the BMoL are. 

Toni says they haven’t had a monster related death since the mid 60s so we can guess the push to get rid of all the monsters might have been a post-war thing… We know the BMoL in general were involved in the war because we’ve seen them up against the Thule in 11x14, and pretty much since we met them we knew they at least networked with people like the Judah Initiative. And Abaddon wiped out the American order in the late 50s… Putting it all together, I see the organisation getting a sort of boom industry thing as being something that profited from the war, not having a whole lot to do with itself after but with increased resources, money and power, and then another threat comes along like Abaddon, and the American order disappears basically overnight. So I think there’s a lot of reasons to think that this whole thing only really became a problem in the modern era.

Weirdness of street urchin backstory aside, it sounds like the BMoL were reaching out for more than the usual legacy students… I could imagine the legacies and the recruits were two separate classes, and their numbers were being inflated with new members, and maybe then they make those ones whose lives are cheap be the ones to fight, but the legacies are exempt, as if family has already proven their loyalty to the BMoL… Like, some new measure with the expendable students to make sure that these investments were worth it. 

(I have no idea if this is intentional because it all was pretty silly but.. pfft, why not. That guy no one cared about seemed to be the exact sort of posh oik who would have had a free pass the entire way through. Maybe when he gloats about being top of his class he has no idea that Mick (or Ketch, I assume) killed for that same honour, and he’s in a different world from them. Maybe Mick would have no idea the legacies got it easy, as a way to control them because they’d think everyone in the BMoL killed for the same honour of being there… I rather like the idea it makes that twat even more useless than he seemed already)

flufy07  asked:

So I have already something for my qishlist for next season. I think Dean really would have given Lady Toni the chance to run after he saved Marry saying something along the lines: better hope we'll never see each other again or you'll be dead. And the BMoL problem? I don't really think it's solved permabsently. So I want Dean do meet her son and tell him how she was betrayed by the BMoL.

Yeah, there was another higher up above Hess - we never saw the “Old Men” who everyone mentioned, and Hess only ran the school, she didn’t sit on any weird council. We saw a council convene in 10x19 of all the old white men running the American Men of Letters, and that’s a similar set up I’m imagining. I suspect Hess was most like Naomi, except that for the BMoL they have the archangels working too. She went into the field in America because her soldiers weren’t doing what they were supposed to and needed hands on wrangling, but of course they’d never send uppermost management. 

I don’t know if they’ll back off except maybe hired assassins or something, but the definitive victory I think buys time for the Old Men to decide how much they really want America back, and if it’s too much of a project. I don’t know but it feels like they should defend their honour a bit…

I don’t know unless Sam and Dean end up in England they’d ever get a chance to meet that boy. He essentially ended up being John Winchester in 8x12 and Toni was Henry, which was the original parallel Dabb shot at although of course in 12x01 he also used Toni as Cole and the kid as Cole’s kid, as 12x01 and 10x01 had almost identical situations for Sam (Mel did a side by side of the promo shots of it and it was hilariously uncanny)… Anyway, Toni ended up being more of a loose end than anything after they decided to use Mick and Ketch as the main faces of the BMoL and only brought her back because it would be weird to drop her, I suppose, and she made sense for what they wanted to do to Mary. There’s no real reason the kid would come to America so I can’t see how he ever gets any on-screen referenced closure about this. 

Anyway I guess there might be a random repercussion from the BMoL but they felt like one season big bads and there’ll be consequences on the state of the world left over from what happened there, both in American and Britain, but not sure how much would ever make it onto the show after this >.> 

(In 8x08 Dabb used Roman Inc crashing as a motivation for that one guy to fall off the roof, and that was a pretty good callback of real consequences to the previous season’s actions, and how it affects regular people, so I think Dabb definitely has a fondness for consequences and following up stuff like that, so who knows, but I don’t think it will be a whole season thing again.)

anonymous asked:

If Toni thinks it's Cassiel and not Castiel does it mean she hasn't even read the supernatural books and knows less about this whole thing than a bunch of teen girls throwing a musical and their audience or is it that she read it anD went "I know better" and threw the books to the wall or something ?

I think they genuinely haven’t found the books, which is hilarious. 

I bet if you GOOGLE “Sam and Dean” in that universe you find the books 


you know how Sam starts every research by apparently just whacking the name of the thing he’s hunting into Google and getting some useful results?


I’m genuinely enjoying the blindspot to the Winchester gospels and we know it is one because Dabb even referenced them like 7 episodes before he introduced her AND wrote back in season 8 one of the episodes where the books were used against them by an enemy.

I’m so entertained by this I almost don’t want her to find them because who’s going to tell her? :P And this whole time, Google is right there. Riiiiiight there.

anonymous asked:

You know, Sam and Dean's lives are fucked up for sure, but I'm dying to know what the Man of Letters thought about Cas. They have Godstiel's portrait for god's sake and next to that is Steve :p Like how do you even explain that shit? "Alright, this is a powerful angel impersonating God, who later impersonates.. a sales associate." "Maybe the vessel is back..?" "Then why the false name?" "Fresh start?" "So do we call him Steve or Jimmy?"

I hope they also found evidence of Emmanuel’s existence. Or maybe just interviewed Daphne. 

“So you’re saying your husband left you for the guy in the big black car?”

Toni draws a thick line between Dean and Cassiel on her mood board.

(It’s interesting she blamed Sam for the Leviathan - or, the Winchesters in general. More of this theme of grouping them all together - their past failures are a team effort, at least in the eyes of the MoL who don’t know the nuances of how Godstiel happened, just that Cassiel is a known associate of theirs (and then a sales associate :P) and so terrible shit related to them is all their responsibilities…)

(I hope they interviewed Nora about Steve’s existence

“So you’re saying the guy in the big black car showed up, distracted him at work all day, hung out with him when he should have been babysitting, and then Steve quit the next day?”

Toni makes a second underline underneath the line connecting Dean and Cassiel)

anonymous asked:

Imagine Toni going into cafe and overhearing Supernatural fangirls talking, maybe Marie and co. from 200th episode. At first she's not paying attention but they're doodling sigils and keep talking about hunting techniques. She's like 'Those barbaric hunters, are they forcing kids into hunting??' She eavesdrops on them and soon gets bewildered when they won't shut up about 'Destiel'. Why are they arguing about if this angel is real or not? Does this mean there're two angels following Winchesters?

The best bit is she WON’T go google it where aaall the answers live courtesy of our shadow in-show fandom, she’ll go waste days of her time on obscure angel research looking for lore that doesn’t exist. 

“I don’t understand… I can’t find Destiel no matter where I look! I’ve been reading everything and I just can’t find Destiel!”

(Mick, who stone cold read Dean and Cas and then flirted with Cas in front of Dean to establish dominance or whatever that was is like… “yeeeah okay, she’s indoors surrounded by books and not hurting anyone, I’ll just let her get on with it then,” and he gets her another huge tome of secret angel stuff from the library.)