superboy's clone

concept: terry mcginnis and conner kent meet and team up

imagine sometime after hush: beyond that terry goes and investigates cadmus (because if they made hundreds of clones a clone of mr. grayson then what else could they be hiding??? bruce you know i’m right just let me check it out will you) and he’s sneaking around and he stumbles across this kid and “hey old man check the vid feed and tell me that either i’m hallucinating or that kid looks a lot like superman”. so terry snoops around for info on this kid and while he finds the kid’s superboy’s file he also stumbles across a file with his own name on it? what? 

so he grabs the files then goes and finds superboy again and is like “hey you don’t deserve to be locked up here wanna come with me?” and superboy is like “hell yeah” and they break out and terry brings him to the hall of justice because 1) “you are not bringing him to the cave” “but bruce” “no” and 2) superman should probably see this. 

that’s all i have rn but just imagine the possibilities of a sarcastic teenage batman clone teamed up with snarky a teenage superman clone