superboy's clone

Ok but, really, did the general public ever get a decent explanation as to where Superboy came from? Do people even know he’s a clone? Wouldn’t they wonder how there’s another Kryptonian flying around when the whole planet has been exploded for at least 3 decades? Where are the answers people? So in my mind, it went one of two ways.

One, Lex absolves himself of any relation to Superboy to the people and Clark and Kara are forced to come up with some weird BS explanation for why there’s another Super around. Anything from “he’s my cousin’s-uncle’s-brother’s-great-aunt once removed’s-teacher’s son” to “He also crash landed in a ship that came to Earth from Krypton and it got lost in space and now he’s here” to, my personal favorite, the Batman approach. “We found him and he was cute and strong so we slapped a big ole ’S’ on his chest and brought him home.”

Or option two, Lex tells all. He was so sad when Superman died that he made a clone, his name is Kon and we love him. And he and Clark get in very public custody battles over poor Kon-El (“Hi honey, I’m home from work. Anything happen on the news?” “No Jeff, just the continuation of the Luthor/Superman court case.” “Golly gee Sue, ain’t it awful when parents can’t keep it together for their child?”) And of course you got those groups who are all up in arms about Superboy can’t have two dads, and you got people who are Team Lex or Team Superman over who gets Superboy and they all fucking end up on Jerry Springer to sort this out. It’s very bitter and ugly and the public loves it. Poor Kon, he just wants to Radical and Chillin’ Teen he knows he is and for his dads to get along. He ends up hiding with Tim and somewhere along the way while Clark and Lex are at each other throats, Conner gets absorbed into the batfam. Whoops, Bruce did it again.

How kontim probably went down
  • Conner: *sad about being a clone*
  • Tim: hey you alright??
  • Conner: yeah
  • Tim: you sure?? Are you sad because of the whole "I am just a clone" thing??
  • Conner: no... Maybe??? I mean I don't even know what I'm made of???
  • Tim: *completely serious* I do
  • Conner: *slightly confused* what???
  • Tim: *leans in close to whisper* boyfriend material
Origin Story

Technically, Dani didn’t pay to see this movie. Technically, Dani’s never paid to see any movie. 

Technically, this makes her a criminal.

That doesn’t bother her as much as it used to.

She’s not really hurting anyone; the movie would play whether she was in here or not, and she’s not ten thousand people watching it illegally online. 

She’s slowly finding that it doesn’t really bother her at all. 

She’s finding out a lot of things about herself today.

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