Batman headcanon that trolling big brother Dick likes to tease Tim and Kon by yelling ‘handcheck’ anytime the two are within three feet of each other. So basically all the time. Tim, of course is horribly embarrassed and hides his face in his hands. Kon doesn’t get it at first but becomes upset by it because it very clearly upsets Tim. He slips in the comment whenever possible: during mission briefs, while the teens are hanging out, sometimes in the middle of battle.

One day, he’s looking for Tim and someone mentions he saw him and Kon go into the lounge. With his smart retort on his lips, he accidently walks in on Tim and Kon in a passionate make-out session. The boys freeze as Nightwing walks in. With a serious expression, Dick gives them a thumbs up.

“It’s about time you two started using your hands for something useful. Keep up the good work Kon. Remember Timmy likes it when you play with his hair.” He walked out of the room only to pop back in with a stern expression. “Oh and break my baby brother’s heart and kryptonite will be the least of your worries.” He then leaves the flushed couple to their business. He stops the handcheck jokes but instead just beams proudly at the two of them when they’re together. Tim honestly doesn’t know which is more embarrassing.

let’s not make this complicated

rating: t

fandom: dcu

pairing: timkon

summary: Steph and Tam were the guardians of Tim’s sanity in times like this, when he was strong-armed into showing his face at parties that had a plus one option.

A/N: i am so awful at titles. sorry. anyway (tears my heart out over timkon)

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