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I mean, any headcanons on big brother Kon?

Kon would be the ultimate big brother.

When he first finds out about Jon he’s honestly pissed off. First of all, he had to struggle to get Clark’s approval, and even now he’s never once been treated like a son. Second, someone just gave his title to some kid? He worked long and hard to be Superboy! Now some other kid’s come along and taken that name from him. Rude.

Then he actually meets Jon and there is no force on Earth that could prepare him for how freaking adorable this small child is. This pint-sized Kryptonian was so beyond excited to meet him, and apparently had been getting worked up and hyper leading up to them meeting, because the second Jon saw Kon the boy flew right at him and tackled him in a hug. Jon had all sorts of questions, and would not shut up.

“I hear you’re a clone! That’s super cool! Is that weird? What’s it like to be cloned? Do you want to be like my Dad when you grow up? Do you consider yourself grown up already? How old are you? Ok but how old are you really? What’s your favorite color? Mine used to be blue but now it’s red. What about favorite food? Do you like Ma’s apple pie too?”

Eventually Kon just starts laughing. This kid’s great. A little hyper, but after dealing with Bart for so long, this is nothing.

Kon loves hanging out with his little bro. He’ll pick Jon up after school to get pizza, go to the zoo, or go on little flying trips to places Clark would definitely never take Jon himself. They have a list of every lame/stupid attraction in the US, and try to cross each one off the list. Their current favorite is the Worlds Largest Corn Cob. Sometimes Tim or Damian will tag along on to things like the Hamilton County Fair.

Jon and Kon’s relationship can best be described by the matching leather jackets with the gold “S” on the back.


honestly this is the best thing ive ever seen 

fans: hey dc can we have less dark edgy stories & more consistent character writing?
dc comics: ok we’re kicking the red hood out of gotham, giving nightwing amnesia & head trauma, & sending superboy off earth
fans: …
dc comics: oh also here’s batman’s dick

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I'm kinda mad that they took Kon away to make room for Jon... like why can't we have both? Give Kon the little brother he deserves 😣😣😣😣

I would absolutely love to have both in existence at the same time because I love both Kon and Jon, and I think they would get along really well. But I think bringing Kon back would really put him in an awkward position. With Damian as the current Robin, the Super Sons team being so solid, and Jon only being ten (10), it makes sense for Jon to stay as Superboy. But what would that do for Kon? Superman isn’t exactly going somewhere any time soon, so it’s not like he can take on that mantle, and being a Super is a very large part of his identity. So there would have to be a transition period where he finds a new title and figures out what his role is in the heroing world.

I’m sorry

image: the “who can say fuck” meme with Young Justice characters

says fuck, but sparingly: Dick, Jaime, Karen
says fuck all the time: Conner, Artemis, La’gaan
has accidentally said fuck before and regrets it: Cassie, Tim
has not said fuck before but can if so desired: Zatanna, Barbara, Mal
has not said fuck before and refuses to say it: Kaldur’ahm, M’gann
legally can not say fuck: Gar, Billy Batson, Bart
would have said fuck but died before saying it: Wally, Jason