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Nothing Beats An Astronaut, Babies or Tide

The much anticipated Super Bowl XLVII is over and as much anticipation the game itself brings, there is equal excitement for the commercials and halftime show.

While Beyonce didn’t disappoint, followed by an unexpected blackout that caused quite a stir, there were some advertisers that made sure they got the most bang for that $3.8 million buck.

Our standouts of the night were Axe with it’s “Nothing Beats An Astronaut” commerical; Etrade, because talking babies always win and Tide, who gave us a quite a prophetic twist at the end of their commercial :)

Take a look at the ones we enjoyed below (in no particular order):

1. Audi -

2. Hyundai -

3. Doritos -

4. Oreos -

5. Sketchers -

6. Taco Bell -

7. Blackberry -

8. E-Trade -

9. Axe -

10. Tide -