superbowl tweet

I love Lauren, but...

I love Lauren so much.

I love that she uses her voice to speak out about the injustices in this world.

I love that she is not just a pop star who entertains, but a passionate and compassionate human being first, more than anything, who takes part in something relevant in this world.

And even if not everyone is inspired by her, or agree with her, I admire what she’s doing, because she spreads awareness to the younger generation that looks up to her. It’s not the message itself - her political views and social beliefs - that’s the focus here, but the very idea of motivating kids (if not adults) to start unraveling reality, to think, and to stand up for what they believe is right.

That’s what I admire most about Lauren. Not her views per se, or the way she goes about imparting those views, but the fire in her heart, and the impact she is capable of doing.

But dude… girl… man… bruh, chill for a second, Jauregui, and let the people enjoy Super Bowl even for half a day only. 😒 Yes, I know Lauren admitted that she is proudly black & white (which is kind of a naive way of thinking, but that’s just my opinion. There’s more gray in this world than pure black or pure white, but I also will respect people who think otherwise), but she sometimes needs to take a step back, take a deep breath, and consider her words.

People are escapist by nature, that’s why the entertainment world is on top, that’s why literature/music/films/art are here; people have the choice to deal with issues their own way.

I mean, Jesus, her bandmates have been tweeting about SuperBowl, and there she is implying that simply enjoying that event was stupid, that people are blind for being so easily distracted to what’s happening now. That was cringe-y. 😖 and sure, she has edited her post and backtracked a lil bit, emphasizing that her post wasn’t meant to belittle escapism… But that’s exactly why she should learn to think of her words first.

She needs to choose her words carefully. People will listen more if the voice isn’t condescending. She should control her emotions. Reality is, not everyone will be as woke as she is, not everyone will wake up to reality, not everyone will open their eyes to the injustices and inequalities that’s happening right now. There’ll always be darkness intertwined with lightness, evil and good, yin and yang. We all have different beliefs and principles. Some people exist using only their lower consciousness, unable to tap into their higher consciousness. It’s a delicate battle, to wake people up. Condescension is not the way to go.

To start a social revolution, Lauren should find the right pitch, so to speak, to be able to penetrate properly and deliver her message with grace.

It’s admirable to be driven as she is, don’t get me wrong… And I still love her and what she stands for… And I still like her realness and potty-mouth sarcasm, I’ll take that unfiltered Lauren every time. But that’s just me… Other people won’t be as open to raw passion as some would. She can do better, she can find the right balance, the right voice, I mean, Emma Watson and Rowan Blanchard are the epitome of grace and they still fight for what they think is right, and people listen.

But I’m still a jauregay, all the way. Lol!