superbowl rings

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on people saying that the 'A' in LGBTQ+ should stand for ally as well as ace/aro/agender? What about on people saying that an 'S' should be added to stand for straight?

No to both of those claims. Cisgendered heteroromantic heterosexuals should not have a place in LGBTQ+ spaces. 

You don’t get a superbowl ring for supporting the winning team, and you don’t get inclusion in a community for being a decent human being. If we include them in the community, then we aren’t a community anymore. We’re just a group of people standing up against assholes. 

They don’t face the ostracism we face, so they don’t get inclusion. Obviously, closeted individuals who choose to go by allies are not included in this opinion. I’m strictly talking about cisgendered heteroromantic heterosexuals.