superbowl 42

Superbowl Rematch...It's Gonna Be Big

At the beginning of this football season I said the SUPERBOWL was going to be the Giants vs. the Ravens. No matter how bad the Giants played I held to that…the giants were going and I was going to prove everyone wrong. Turns out I was wrong….just not about the Giants.

I really thought the Ravens were gonna take the AFC this year, but that damn field goal!!!!!

But a rematch of SUPERBOWL 42 that’s also in Indy? That sounds freaking amazing

That’s a picture of me at Giants stadium after they won the Superbowl during their Superbowl parade. I remember waking up and my mom telling me I could skip school so I could watch the Giants parade on TV, and then my dad came home from work early so we could make it to the celebration at their stadium. I remember driving up the Jersey turnpike seeing all of the other cars decked out in Giants gear. I remember standing in line waiting to go inside the stadium and overhearing two college guys behind me talk about how much Superbowl 42 stuff they were going to buy (“Dude, my bedsheets are gonna say Superbowl 42.”) I remember how excited I was when the team, my team, the winning team walked out onto the field. I laughed when Eli Manning told the crowed to cheer and yell during the boring politician's speech. It was a grand day. Lol, I also remember my dad wore his Mets jacket and people kept yelling “Yankees!!!” at him. 

Every single year I think of when the Giants won the Superbowl. Every single year I still get just as happy and excited as I was the day they won it all.