The Resurrectionist is a retrospective of SUPER BLACK’s limited edition monthly polishes.  Maybe they sold out before you could get them, maybe you’re just joining us now and never had the chance…  We made tiny batches of all the colors of the month for 2016, and present them to you as the bad bitch of SUPER BLACK gift sets.  

ALL of the Colors of the Month.  All of them:  Mina (deep winey red with gold holo microglitter), Toast (holographic sandy beige), Rabbit (jelly-like purplish pink with blue iridescence), Bayou (creamy teal), Halo (a million iridescent microglitters in a sheer pink topcoat), Left Hook (deep burgundy with red matte glitter), En Garde (Dark blue with superfine blue and green shimmer), V12 (holographic oxblood), Metropolis (metallic silver), Sarcophagus (black with deep gold shimmer) and Murdered Out (our classic pitch black creme.)  This set also includes the Almighty Balm gift set– a generous 5.5 gram mini jar of Almighty Balm in Mint, Rose, Sweet Orange and Fennel.  That’s 11 bottles of polish ($132.00 retail value, you know, if these bottles were still for sale) and a balm gift set ($19.00 retail.)

This embarrassment of riches is packed in a blue 9" x 4" x 3" presentation box with silver embossed logo, wrapped in a black ribbon and sealed closed with a red wax seal.  Each item in set is individually wrapped in in black tissue paper and sealed with a silver star.  Each set includes a signed and numbered certificate with a second wax seal, in case the recipient forgets that this gift box is the shit.

I have this problem where I buy nail polish and I’m probably addicted to it but whatever. Because I painted my nails Friday. Today is Monday. I have cooked, cleaned, scrubbed things, taken 3 showers, given back scratches had my hands in super hot water…everything…and look. So yeah. I did buy two more bottles yesterday. And yeah that’s pretty much $30. But I dgaf. Ring finger is The Bends and others are Hello Officer…which is basically TARDIS blue if anyone needs another reason.