To say that you are cute
Would be like saying a strawberry is sweet
‘Cause a strawberry has a secret flavors that are sharp
And tart
And red
And deep
And I would love to find you growing wild out by the woods
I would make a basket with the front of my t-shirt
And take home as many of you as I could
And to say that you are pretty 
Would be like saying that the ocean is blue
'Cause the ocean is filled with all kinds of colors
And I see all kinds of things when I look at you
And I want to explore you with my tennis shoes off
Standing ankle deep in a tide pool with my khaki pants rolled up 
And to say that you are funny
Would be like saying that the night sky is black
'Cause the night sky is filled
With stars and comets that no one has seen yet 
And I want to look at you
Lying down on my front lawn
I’ll try to take you all in at once
But you just go on and on and on 

–Paul Baribeau