Your name is THE ARTIST, and here is where you take a bow and leave your children alone for now. They’ve made it this far. It’s about time we trust these weirdos to take care of themselves.


To the few who guessed Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared as being the final fandom I’d add, you’ve earned one universal “I told you so”. Use it wisely.

Thank you all very much for the love and support for this past year, everybody. c: It took a lot longer to finish than I expected, but I’m so glad I did. It’s been a lot of fun and totally worth every late night spent on these colorful beasts.

I love the lighting and shadowing in this gif.  The way his eyes are captured and the color are gorgeous.  The way all of these affects are tied together capture this image very well.  

Also, the emotion in his eyes is incredibly raw. Even though you can only see them for a brief moment, the look in his eyes gives us great insight into who Cas really is.  More specifically, showing us who he is soon after we’ve met him, knowing he has doubts yet still is loyal to his Father, but also is considering “disobedience.” - ella

Doing a thing

Reblog this and I will write in your ask/submit box a poem or short story about your posts and the things you post. It’ll be sorta like an impression of what you’re like. Everyone will get one if you reblog it.


“Dean what are you doing here?”, you asked. Dean Winchester was standing in front of your house. It was raining and just by standing at the door you could feel the cold and wetness.

“I love you Y/N”, Dean suddenly said. No, he didn’t said it. It was more like he screamed it into the rainy night.

“You do what?”, you shouted back with a big shit eating grin on your face. 

“I love you Y/N”, Dean repeated himself and now you couldn’t help it and started running towards him. You didn’t mind the rain. You didn’t mind that you were only wearing your pyjamas. 

“I love you too Dean. And now let’s kiss in the rain like the cheesy couple we are.”