My uncle’s dentist’s brother’s nephew’s dad’s dentist’s patient’s nephew who works at E3 sent me this photo he snapped of the full roster for Super Smash Bros. 4.  We can see that there are a lot less characters this time around, which makes sense due to the fact that Sakurai said he wanted to focus on balancing the game instead of adding new characters.  I wonder what Sakurai’s gameplay plans are this time around seeing as the roster is rather small.  We’ll find out as more information on the game surfaces!

Identity Crisis

I can’t be the only one who does this. That is, imagining certain palette swaps as completely different characters. As shown here, I sometimes jokingly refer to purple Charizard as Ridley. Green Greninja is Kermit the Frog, white (Light Suit) Samus is a storm trooper, and so on.

What perplexes me, though, is that characters like Lucina and Dark Pit began as alternate costumes in Smash before becoming their own separate character, yet Daisy hasn’t received similar treatment.

Oh well, perhaps in the next game.


Good Ol’ Duck Hunt

This is a rather surreal comic, isn’t it? If you’re looking for any rhyme or reason behind it, I can’t guarantee there is any to find. Sometimes creative expression just makes no sense.

Also I couldn’t pass off an opportunity for some exaggerated Dedede faces. And if anyone’s wondering, these scenarios aren’t “canon” to the rest of Omega Mode.

The comic as one singular image can be found here.

Why Genesect?
It’s a legendary, and would fill the quota for a sinister Pokemon character– replacing Mewtwo, also allowing Lucario to stay so Zoroark won’t steal his spot, meanwhile it would be representing the newest generation of Pokemon.

Genesect’s basically an android bipedal bug Pokemon capable of flying and utilizing it’s cannon mounted onto it’s shoulders.

Special Pokemon Ability (Download):
If going against a heavyweight like Bowser, King Dedede, and Donkey Kong, gains armor for most attacks with a slight damage boost.

Movement and Weight: 
Although it’s bipedal, it can crawl on all fours low to the ground at high speeds. Has two normal jumps, but if the jump button is held down after the second jump, it starts using a jet pack and flies through the air. Being made of metal, feels very floaty with it’s jet assisted movement but very durable and can take a beating and hard to push around.

Possible Move-Set:

  • A: Slash
    Typical slash moves with claws.
  • A,A: Slash + Metal Claw
    Slashes opponent with a metal sound the second time with virtually no knockback.
  • A,A,A: Fury Cutter
    Follows up by taking a step forward after Metal Claw with an endless assault of jabs.
  • CrouchHorne Claws
    Opponents are susceptible to tripping, pushing opponents outward, can be held down for rapid input for endless swipes.
  • Tilt: X-Scissor
    Arms glow more the longer it’s charged, swinging one arm at a time forward leaving a blue streak of light until the second hit is done doing a lot of knockback.   
  • Up Tilt: Flash
    Eyes flash a red light dealing light damage.
  • Dash: Flame Charge
    Rushes forwards enveloped in fire, dragging opponent downward with a trail of fire behind it with some armor. 
  • Air: Bug Buzz
    Screeches sending a shockwave from it’s core of red waves that shocks opponents. 
  • Forward Air: Shadow Claw
    Slashes opponent with a purple aura spiking them down. 
  • Up Air: Signal Beam
    Shoots a colorful beam in an upward angle.
  • Down Air: Lock-On
    Stall and fall that drags opponent all the way down with Genesect, a similar feel like Ike’s Aether with an explosion at the end for safe landings.
  • Back Air: Explosion
    Kicks opponent with the palm of it’s foot with a big explosion doing average knockback.
  • Up Smash: Techno Blast
    A very big explosion overhead with immense knockback. 
  • Smash: Giga Impact
    Glows blue and unleashes a full body lunge. 
  • Down Smash: Hyper Beam
    Charges beam for a very long time starting right infront of it and ending at an upward angle in front of Genesect dragging opponents with the beam doing a lot of damage but average knockback. 
  • Special: Charge Beam
    Upon release, shoots a beam directly forward. Fully charged does decent knockback dragging opponents towards the opposite direction.
  • Side Special: Magnet Bomb
    Sticky bombs that latch onto opponents if hit and explodes after a short time knocking them up into the air.
  • Down Special: Reflect
    Throws out a blue barrier that deflects all projectiles until input isn’t held down anymore. 
  • Up Special: Aerial Ace
    Does a dragon punch upward glowing white very fast and can be sweet spotted for a Star-KO.
  • Final Smash: Self Destruct
    A major implosion starts from the core and works its way to the ends of the stage that drags opponents inward to it’s core after implosion ends, sends opponents outward, afterwards Genesect reattaches it’s body parts together like Cyrax’s (Mortal Kombat) teleport.