My uncle’s dentist’s brother’s nephew’s dad’s dentist’s patient’s nephew who works at E3 sent me this photo he snapped of the full roster for Super Smash Bros. 4.  We can see that there are a lot less characters this time around, which makes sense due to the fact that Sakurai said he wanted to focus on balancing the game instead of adding new characters.  I wonder what Sakurai’s gameplay plans are this time around seeing as the roster is rather small.  We’ll find out as more information on the game surfaces!


Sakurai be like

People keep asking me why I love kirby in smash so much and he brings me so much joy;

I mean look at him, he can squish up and down

he has the cutest taunts

(the I just beat the super easy boss* dance) *boss = you

(The I’m dancing on ya grave)

(Classic Haiiiiii memeage) 

Smiles even when spinning rapidly in midair

he has super adorable costumes, these 3 being my favourites

Mewtwo kirby, look at the little tentacle things

Zero suit Samus kirby, aka super secret agent kirby

and my personal favourite, palutena’s hotter sister kirby

most importantly though, he can DANCE

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