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@the other anon honestly the entire Hamilton cast can slay my life like everyone is so fucking attractive???? Like Daveed is a sex god oak is too and he's super sweet ?? Pippa jas and Renee can honestly fuck me up they are so gorgeous and pippa is a real life cinnamon roll like how? And anTHONY IS A CUTE LIL PUPPY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And cjack and Lin are such dilfs sex w them would be gr8 SORRY FOR THE RANT BUT I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS


Even the freaking chorus like have I talked about Jon Rua on here yet BECAUSE JOHN RUA  FUCKING OWNS MY ASS NO QUESTION and my sister is super obsessed with Sydney like everytime James Reynold’s part come up she FLIPS OUT and the girls are so sweet like Carleigh could kill me and I’d be honored?? and SASHA and I know Ari left but her fucking hair is so amazing it just gets to me man 



After much strife, 11 different exports (because I kept noticing tiny errors and audio issues), and a whole lotta headdesking, this thing is finally here. 

Hope you enjoy! (Or at least have some feels.)

All the Times Alex Defied Orders...that we know of

1x01 - Pilot

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1) J’onn wanting Alex to discourage Kara from being Supergirl and Alex encourages her anyways.  “Now, the world needs you to fly, Kara.”

2) The Alura hologram was DEO property.

3) J’onn tells Alex that he doesn’t trust aliens, trying to push Kara/Supergirl out of the DEO and discourage her further.  “There’s no one I trust more.  Like her cousin, she was sent here to help us.  And if you want anymore of my help, you’re going to let her.”

1x03 - Fight or Flight

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4) Alex is not supposed to help Kara with Reactron since he’s human and not alien.  She helps Kara, Winn, & James at the CatCo Super Friends office anyways using the DEO satellite to do it.

5) Alex gets caught at the DEO by Hank/J’onn that she’s helping Kara with Reactron.

1x04 - Livewire 

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6) Alex isn’t supposed to reveal her real job or the existence of the DEO to anyone, but tells her mother anyways.

1x05 - How Does She Do It?

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7) J’onn tells Alex that the bomb was a dud, but Alex can’t leave it alone and investigates the bomb in her lab and finds out that he lied.

1x06 - Red Faced

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8) Alex goes behind Hank/J’onn’s back to investigate her father’s death and enlists the help of Winn to help hack the DEO database to get her answers.

1x07 - Human For A Day

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9) Alex hesitates sealing the base when Jemm escapes.

10) Hank/J’onn orders Alex to stay behind and protect the orders and then later reinforces this, Alex and Donovan go out anyways.  Donovan ends up dead.

11) Hank/J’onn tells Alex to trust him and flips out on her when he finds her in the hallways by herself, she holds him at gunpoint and handcuffs him.

12) Hank/J’onn (technically) tries to stop Alex from going on her little suicide mission against Jemm and then saves her and proves that he can be trusted, but also that he’s not what he seems.

13) Hank/J’onn tells Alex that he’s J’onn J’onzz about her father and tells her that she can’t tell Kara.  (Alex reveals this to Kara in 1x09 - Blood Bonds by accident).

1x09 - Blood Bonds

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14) Alex defies General Lane and the army on all kinds of things when they take over the DEO and is a general pain in the butt.

15) Alex invites Supergirl to the container rescue against General Lane’s orders.

16) Alex goes against General Lane’s orders and trades Astra for Hank/J’onn’s life.

17) Alex goes against DEO policy and protocol by doing the prisoner exchange.

1x12 - Bizarro

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18) Hank/J’onn tells Alex not to go after Maxwell Lord.  Alex arrests and imprisons Max at the DEO anyways.

1x13 - For The Girl Who Has Everything

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19) Alex breaks DEO protocol and brings Winn and James into the DEO without permission.

20) Alex asks James to defy Hank/J’onn’s orders FOR her while she’s under since she knows that he’ll act to pull her out too early.

21) Hank/J’onn tells Alex not to tell Kara the truth about killing Astra (this is later revealed to Kara in 1x15 - Solitude).

1x15 - Solitude

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22) Hank/J’onn tells Alex again not to tell Kara the truth about killing Astra, but this is revealed by the end of the episode.

1x17 - Manhunter

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23) J’onn tells Alex to act like she doesn’t know him, doesn’t care about him, to distance herself.  Alex refuses to do so and fights for him.

24) Alex flat out lies to Colonel Harper and Major Lane.
25) Goes on the run from the military.

1x19 - Myriad 

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26) J’onn tells Alex not to tell her mother about her father being alive until after they’ve taken care of Myriad, Indigo, and Non (Alex reveals the truth to her mother before the final fight in 1x20 - Better Angels).


Supergirl head canon - After Kara arrives at the Danvers’s house, there are nights when she cries, alone in her room. Whenever Alex hears her crying, she climbs in bed and holds Kara, singing to her till she falls asleep.

Kara thinks the songs Alex sings are earth lullabies, but it’s songs like “Bridge over troubled water” by the Beatles or songs by James Taylor.

So when Kara gets older and hears a Beatles’s song she like, “Oh, I love that lullaby.” Not understanding why people are looking at her funny.


AU: After being forced to kill the woman she loves, Alex loses her mind. All she wants is to destroy everything – everyone. She gives Kara an ultimatum: either she allows her to continue in her destruction, or she kill her – reuniting her with Astra.


I should have been writing, but instead I made this. :D

This is for you, @shannyfishwriter. <3

“…everything good I did, it came from you being my sister.”
“You taught me, Kara.”
“I want you to have a good life. I want you to find love and be happy. I want you to do all the things that being my sister kept you from doing.”
“Promise me”
“-I can’t”
“I need you to promise me Alex, there isn’t much time.”
“…I promise.”
“Good. Okay. I have to go now.”
“Listen… I love you, Kara”
“I love you”
“Kara? Kara!”

Aaaaaand there goes my heart.