high on loving you: 30 days writing challenge

#day 17 - dinner

It couldn’t be even called a dinner, it was just a box of doughnuts, but Ryouma didn’t necessarily mind. It was way past the time when he still cared about the weird habits Kintarou had brought into his life. They were munching on the sweets, slowly making it through the whole collection of glazed, powdered, sprinkled, and chocolate-covered doughnuts until there was only one left in the box.

When Ryouma reached for it, Kintarou snatched it up before him.

“Share,” Ryouma demanded, turning his hand palm up expectantly.

With a grin, Kintarou broke the doughnut into two halves, giving one piece to Ryouma and pushing the other fully into his own mouth with the happiest hum.

It was always like this. Half for Ryouma, half for Kitarou. Ever since they’d first met.

Two halves of the same ball steaming on the opposite ends of the court.

Two halves of a single doughnut for dinner.

Two halves of the same ring on their fingers, promising them to each other – two halves of a one whole.