Watchful eyes at /r/#SpaceDandy realized that Meow’s dad manufactures the “Tem Ray Circuit” from #Gundam!

What is the function of this contraption?

[Mobile Suit Gundam spoilers ahead, Baby!!]


It’s a piece of circuitry that Amuro’s father(developer of the Gundam) gives him later in the series under the claim that it will increase the Gundam’s power output… However, Amuro after inspecting it - realizes that it’s a non-functioning heap of wires and bolts and that the war had driven his father insane.

The Tem Ray Circuit also appears in the Super Robot Wars games. In Super Robot Wars Alpha it decreases Mobility by 10 and Agility by 15, but also reduces repair costs by 10.

In other news:

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Godzilla is now in a Super Robot Wars game! 

First Space Battleship Yamato, not this! 

Also the Eva-01 themed Kiryu is playable among other units from the Godzilla/Evangelion Promotion explosion.

But seeing Godzilla stomp Doctor Hell and his minions is still sweet!