So today is my birthday (May 4) and I’ve been wanting to make a follow forever so here it is! Well actually I also reached a milestone of followers but meh. I follow a bunch of super rad bloggers and I just want to thank them for making me happy every time I open Tumblr. (( Banner made by meiima )) 

Here is my blogroll and the following are my favorite people. 

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May this people have a nice day everyday! :D 

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A super grand birthday weekend, I have super rad friends and I’m super glad and really lucky about that. 

-saw Mr. Burns A Post- Electric Play at the minneapolis guthrie theater

-got a homemade gluten free breakfast from Ely

-spent the day at Lake Calhoun

-got two amazing anime gifts that everyone pitched in to get

-watched YuGiOh the movie

-saw Bianca Del Rio in person

ACTUALLY a great damn weekend, thank you everyone ;^; I’m a blessed potato to have you all in my little life.


hello hello punkrockdefensenetwork my name’s eddie but you can call me revenge if you want.  i’m a gay british guy that likes bands, can’t smile in selfies and is exTREMELY bad at talking about himself lmao

uhh my birthday is july 23 so i’m a cancer/leo, i play guitar, ukulele, flute, clarinet, piano and i kinda sing a bit, and i really love art.  i’m also still my chemical romance af.

that’s about it i think?? anyway you all seem super rad and i’m looking forward to befriending you all! shoot me a message if you wanna talk, and feel free to ask for my facebook/twitter/etc. too!

anonymous asked:

It'd be super rad if you could tag that 'happy birthday Sam' post with '#cutting cw' or '#self harm cw.

Oh goodness, I am so sorry! I always tag any form of that as ‘cw: cutting’ & ‘cw: self harm’ but I missed this one. You meant the boy king fanart, correct? I didn’t even realize that aspect of the art until just now. Again, sooo sorry about that and thank you for telling me! I’ll try not to let anything slip through again.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I saw your post at acemeetup and thought friends with you might be cool. Really anxious and shy to boot, so anon it is for the moment. I'm ace and aro or demipanro (still figuring it out). I'm in SoCal, but I'm also 28 and still in undergrad and an anthro major with an interest in history, graduating fall 15 or spring 16. What subfield of anthro are you into? Subfield of history? Fav books, shows and movies?

Hey! Thanks for the message! It’s super rad to meet another 28 year old anthro major/history nerd xD I’m planning on turning my anthro degree into a teaching credential, but if I were to pursue an anthro career it’d be in behavioral ecology, sustainable living, and conservation. We’ll see how the teaching goes though because I super dig working with kids. My favorite history is super old stuff; prehistory up to the Axial Age, but truly, I love it all. What about you, anon? What’s your anthro focus?

And as for books/shows/movies…. That is a looooong laundry list of fun lol I like fantasy/sci fi novels though I only have time for school reading these days. And I just spent all day watching random episodes of Call The Midwife and RuPaul’s Drag U, and then The Rescuers right before bed lol

Message me again, brah! I promise I’m very nice, all my tumblr peeps’ll vouch for me :D

Going on tour soon

Hey random Tumblr followers, if any of you happen to live in or around these towns and enjoy experimental black metal/dark hardcore music about black holes, outer space, universal insignificance, and killing cops, then you should come hang out with us.

May 15th: Portland, OR @ High Water Mark w/ Humours, Hang the Old Year
May 16th: Bend, OR @ Reed Pub w/ The Kronk Men,  Rütäbägä
May 17th: Ashland, OR @ Base Kamp Awesome w/ Hermits, Urinator.
May 18th: Sacramento, CA @ Cafe Colonial w/ Super Unison, RAD, Composite, Human Body.
May 19th: off day in San Francisco.
May 20th: Fresno, CA @ Audie’s Olympic / Club Fred w/ Murk Rider, Moontrail, The Jules Winfield.
May 21st: Los Osos, CA @ Sweet Springs Saloon. w/ Murk Rider, Moontrail.
May 22nd: Oakland, CA @ Merchants Saloon. w/ Embers.
May 23rd: Santa Cruz, CA @ Cafe Pergolesi.w/ Leucrota, Pinnacle, Yawn.
May 24th: Redwood City, CA @ Bobby D’s. w/ Thunderfuck, Serial Hawk.
May 25th: San Jose, CA @ The Rock Shop. w/ Leucrota, Abstracter.
May 26th: Chico, CA @ Moss House w/ TDC, Coping.
May 27th: Ashland, OR @ Club 66. w/ Existential Depression, Termius.
May 28th: Eugene, OR @ Wandering Goat.
May 29th: Salem, OR @ Wisp House.
May 30th: Portland, OR @ Bloodshed House. w/ Snakes, Moan, Bastard Feast, Black Magick Dragon.

Come to the shows, let’s get stoned and hang out with your cool dogs and cats and humans. If you have a couch or floor we can crash on, that would be awesome. We’ll give you free merch/guest list you/I’ll cook you a bomb-ass vegan dinner and maybe even brunch in the morning.

You can hear us here:

anonymous asked:

Those messages don't put you but them in a bad light, and they are... What's the saying in English? Shooting themselves in the foot? I think it is. In German it's "cutting yourself in your own flesh", so I guess you're getting my point here. I wanted to say that you are way above them, we all know that and I hope you do too, and that I hope to see much more of you and your opinions because you're super rad. <3 - BM

Now I know you’re a german! ha! you’re becoming less and less anonymous to me :D with your name (BM IS A NAME FIGHT ME ON THIS) with the work choices and your gradma cakes and great mother :D 

Thank you ,tho. I don’t think they put me in bad light, but it’s just.. idk, wired? thatpeople came to a point when they say ‘oh i’ve heard bad things about her’ but they don’t actually know what they’re talking about or have no proof to their claims whatsoever, but they still like ‘okay this person said yael is awful i must believe them’ which is…? idk? before making an assumption on me check this out? ask me? well. people.