5 Nice Things About Me

I was tagged by the super rad @ballroompink, thanks boo! List five positive traits about yourself and then tag ten of your favorite followers.

1. I am loyal to a fault.
2. I’m funny.
3. I’m pretty.
4. I’m a good writer.
5. I’m a good cook.

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Follower Appreciation

I’ve noticed a lot of sadness and negativity on my dash lately so I wanted to spread some positivity. Here’s a list of people that I really appreciate. I’m so sorry if I miss anyone!

@paopufruit : quality KH blog, thanks for improving my dash! (one day you will notice me senpai)

@twilightown : another quality KH blog, keep up the good work! (you’re really cute also)

@softing : super cute blog with lots of Sailor Moon! (you’re so kind and always trying to cheer people up)

@essenceofbananafish : my super rad cousin with an equally rad blog! (they take the most gorgeous selfies + are super skilled at cosplays and costumes)

@noisynoise : really cool person with an awesome blog combo of pokemon and KH! (I miss you and wish that we talked more)

@noodlewasted : super sweet blogger whose posts always make me laugh! p.s. your cat is adorable (I love seeing your instagram posts)

@sora-donald-goofy : hands down one of my favorite KH blogs, thanks for being amazing! (I’m so happy that we are mutuals

@joeylikesthings : super chill guy who makes music! he’s been a follower basically since day one and I really appreciate it (we should talk more)

@ittybittytoostormy : incredibly sweet person even though I suck at responding to my messages (I can’t believe we have been mutuals for four years, I miss you!)

@fission-firaga : a great source for KH content! I always check your blog when my dash is slow to make sure I didn’t miss anything (I think you are really cool tbh)

@skysanctuary : I love your blog to pieces! we’ve been mutuals for awhile and I always love seeing your posts! (you’re hella pretty fyi)

@ask-zack-and-cloud : I always come to your blog because I know I can find quality final fantasy + cloud gifs! (we should talk more!)

@ramblingredrose : your blog is a great combination of all the things that I love! (I always want to talk to you but I never know what to say because I’m awkward)

@supermassive-ponytail : mutauls since forever! your posts always make me laugh (I could be wrong but did we meet on a HM forum??)

@doortothelight : KH content galore!  keep it up, seriously your blog makes my blog so much better (you’re cool af)

Sorry again if I missed anyone! I love you all and hope that you are doing well~

anonymous asked:

When you get this answer with your top 10 tumblr blogs and send this to 5 people. Have a lovely day :)

Okay dokay here I go

There’s @dotsandstars who is honestly one of the most beautiful and amazing people I’ve ever spoken to. I have talked to her for hours on end and I love her to pieces. She also has a bloody lovely dodie blog which is super cute

There’s also @ndbrt6 who is absolutely amazing, she’s artistic and loyal and perfect in every way. Her blog is super rad coz it’s funny and has so many of my favourite fandoms

There’s @itsskylerblue who is honestly one of the most genuinely nice and funny person I’ve ever talked to. I wanna talk to her more but she’s too cool for me so instead I’ll just look up to her as my cool idol. Also gay as shit and 10/10 blog would recommend

@odetojack is edgy as fuck and you should go follow. She loves ahs more than life and is a beautiful mess. She has been there for me when I rly needed someone and I can’t thank her enough. Also the memez are strong in this one

Then there’s @anotherspookyphangirl and if you want pretty girls and dan and Phil her blog is the place to be. She is a literal fairy and too good for this world

Okay then there’s @clarapotters who has a fantastically cute and nerdy blog and such a pleasure to talk to. She has made me smile when I needed it most and she deserves so much more

@duckslikedodieclarktoo is a fucking shrek meme (also a* dodie blog)

@everytimeiopenmyeyes is honestly the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. I can’t even express with words how absolutely stunning and caring she is. Also 10/10 troye blog that’s super aesthetic

@literalvampire who I have only ever had good experiences with. We don’t rly talk much but when I have talked to her she has been positively lovely

@unflatteringpicturesofdodie is a fucking amazing blog and if your not following your missing out big time

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pssst, yall are doing a great job and i just wanna say thanks and i hope u all have super rad days. thanks for being such an awesome thing in a... sometimes not so awesome community.

Thank you!!! <3 Messages like this make it worth it.

- Mod Rory

  • a visually stunning post-apocalyptic opera.
  • charlize theron as a disabled, war-machine operating, imperator, seeking redemption.
  • tom hardy as a mentally disturbed road warrior barely surviving, seeking nothing, but finding hope.
  • five diverse wives looking for hope and fighting for their lives.
  • explosions, nuclear sand-storms, and extreme road rage.
  • superb costumes and make up.
  • complex women. complex men. COMPLEX CHARACTERS.

this movie is storytelling at its finest.

bonus: the meninists are boycotting it, so let’s make it a hit and get two more movies.


HELLO TUMBLR. Our game Night In The Woods is out in the fall! The good folks at Polygon took a look at our recent E3 demo, which is comprised of a constrained, in-progress snippet of an early part of the game with things rearranged a bit and a lot of stuff closed off. Also they missed like all kinds of stuff while playing! It’s big!

For more info and to see more of what the demo contains, check out this interview with Alec where he talks all about the game!

We’ll have more info as we get closer to the fall. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates and all kinds of other stuff!

<3, NITW team

As always, reblogs and whatever are much appreciated! We’re a small fish in a very big pond, and this fall we’ll be a tiny shark swimming in an ocean. Filled with AAA nuclear submarines. This metaphor got away from me.