if you think you’ve been asked stupid questions remember that when i first started to play skyrim and i made my customized character (a super rad imperial lady) my brother asked me why i was playing as a female character

ah yes. why would i, a woman, want to play as a female character. such an odd choice. a true mystery.

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fuchswrites is the sweetest person and a fantastically talented writer. pale-silver-comb is super rad and deserves all the love for her amazing writing. queerly-alex is an awesome and wonderfully talented person. shiftsideways is hella funny and grumpy and I love her.

Haha, so I have learned that I can’t @ people on mobile but I WILL TAG THEM ALL. I 100% agree with everything you said, nonnie


My son danced to this with me tonight, which was super rad.

(We’re still listening to Mischief Brew. He made me drum on a tin bucket, he played air guitar, and he just said: “We’re rockstars.”)

  • a visually stunning post-apocalyptic opera.
  • charlize theron as a disabled, war-machine operating, imperator, seeking redemption.
  • tom hardy as a mentally disturbed road warrior barely surviving, seeking nothing, but finding hope.
  • five diverse wives looking for hope and fighting for their lives.
  • explosions, nuclear sand-storms, and extreme road rage.
  • superb costumes and make up.
  • complex women. complex men. COMPLEX CHARACTERS.

this movie is storytelling at its finest.

bonus: the meninists are boycotting it, so let’s make it a hit and get two more movies.