It’s Babeofbrew here with the super brews of Monday night…Why not get rambling with Mikkeller’s Mexas Ranger and a taco to go with it? So this particular Mikkeller is definitely a little doggy with a BIG bite, brewed with “spices, almond milk, cocoa, chili, black beans, & avocado leaves”! A beer just as psychotic as Mr. Blonde himself, and as wickedly charming;) This beer lingers and lingers, it sticks to your tongue and gets all up in the nooks and crannies. I can’t believe it’s only 6.6%! Mikkeller always keeps things interesting! Cheersy♡ Who’s your favorite Reservoir Dog?


SUPER cute products from Super Orange, which are all handmade and super cute! The shop is currently being restocked with all sorts of cute new designs. I own the blue t-shirt and have the two bottom shirts on the way to me now, too!! 
Bonus for my lovely followers–if you make a purchase from Super Orange, use the code TOUKO at checkout for 10% off your order with no minimum purchase!!


I got home from ALA the other day and decided to do some professional selfies in my Hana-chan cosplay. haha I ran into zee (the owner of Super Orange Studio) who was giving out freebies at anime los angeles! The sweetest of senpai’s i’ve ever met so I figured I’d at least take photos to help promote his brand. <3 Go cehck out superOrange, it’s a great weebo clothing brand.

Help me? :)

Hello cuties! I’m 50 followers away from my next hundred. This number was my goal and I want to reach it before my blog’s anniversary and do my first follow forever. ^^ (Sorry for the self promotion. I’m really shy and I feel so shameful right now.)

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