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!!! Some lady once got super offended that I didn't recognize her! And I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ let me help you though. And I saw the receipt of the transaction she said she did with me AND it was another coworker who had helped her. She didn't even recognize the person who had helped her before. Like damn.

Vixx as Kids

N: This little….Okay you know that kid that wants you to know how awesome they are…That is N. He goes on and on about how good he can color, sing, dance, play Xbox and ect… He’s a super sweet kid but also can be seen playfully roughing up younger kids when they disrespect him.

Leo: Quiet but super competitive. Once at recess he was playing soccer and most of the kids stopped playing because he was a one man team. Also a really sweet kid. He loves animals and younger kids the most because they’re cute. Sarcastic tho lol

Ken: Mischievous! He’s the class clown with good grades. He loves making everyone laugh even the teachers. He often gets timeout for taking his jokes a little too far. Also because one time he was caught eating snacks during class. Good kid tho, just a jokester.

Ravi: Another quiet one. He usually is writing some kind of poetry or story that he will later show his teacher. A teacher’s pet. Like, he gives his teachers compliments and specially written poems just for them. A first kids were scared of him but then they realized how nice he actually is.

Hongbin: Another kid always on time out. His isn’t for jokes but rather for talking shit. He’s good, just tries to be funny a lot. Always tries to get the lead role in the school plays, his rival is N. A lot of kids like him because they find him cool.

Hyuk: The third kid always on time out. He is good most of the time but he also can joke around alot as well. One of the most popular in his grade tbh. Everyone likes him cause he’s relatable and also pretty funny. Secretly mischievous though, especially towards older kids….

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shallura + age angst tho!!! if they have kids, what if the kids take after their momma and age slowly too and they have to watch their once super strong dad become frail and elderly and allura is upset but is able to remain calm but the kids (who i guess would be adults by the time shiro is old? idk how altean aging works) have trouble processing it. and maybe shiro's ptsd gets really bad and his flashbacks and panic attacks last longer and sometimes he doesn't recognize them in the throes of it

more shallura + age angst because im terrible! what if one of the kiddos looks altean but ages like shiro and at first no one can really notice the difference but then one of the kids starts getting those tiny signs of aging like gray hairs and wrinkles and it’s really hard for the others to know that they will outlive their sibling and shiro is really distraught by it. allura would be too, like she has to watch both her husband and her child die of old age. actually this is too sad… rip nvm


(where’s the 10k fanfic outlining the painfulness of every detail i need this angst in my life)

You know I haven’t seen anyone point this out but someone probably has… You can see from the Journal entry about the gnomes that Stanford has no idea what’s under the gnomes hats. 

And apparently the need to see what is underneath drove him a little nuts to the point where he ALMOST LOST  A BODY PART trying to see under the hat

This would lead one to assume the gnomes never take their hats off, right? That this is some big deal to them that their hats never come off their heads, right? That no one can ever know what’s under them, right?


 I’m pretty sure the gnomes were just fucking with Ford that whole time on purpose

Teddy Lupin being really into the whole punk scene

  • 15 year old Teddy going leather jacket shopping with Harry who helps him look through muggle thrift shops
  • Laying out studs and safety pins and fabric and embroidery floss and needles on the living room floor at the Potters. Ginny helps him embroider patches and sew them on and do designs with the safety pins.
  • Teddy feels really out of place and wonders why he’s so into Docs and leather jackets and piercings because no one else in the family is
  • until he sees a bunch of old pictures of Sirius in a photo album at the potter’s
  • and he sits on the floor and flips through it in awe because Sirius was just like him all pierced and wearing leather
  • and there are even pictures of Sirius kissing boys in the photo album because no one could stand to throw out any pictures of Sirius, no matter how personal, and Teddy especially lingers over those, because he feels like there is someone who would’ve really gotten his bisexuality
  • and Teddy just feels so understood, because if there’s one thing he’s heard from his grandmother about Sirius, it’s that he was nothing like the Blacks, that he broke away even more than she did, that Tonks really looked up to him, and everyone talks about Sirius so affectionately
  • And Andromeda comes in and sees him sitting there crying over these old polaroids
  • and she just tells him “Sirius would’ve adored you.”
  • and he completely breaks down until Harry comes in to see what’s wrong and sees him sitting there on the floor with Sirius’ photo album
  • they spend the rest of the night sitting together in front of the fireplace crying over old pictures

Every song, we do at a different location. Under the bridge. Chinatown. Rowing boat in Central Park. Whatever happens, we record it.

We get arrested?

Keep rolling.

Begin Again (2014)