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Super-Shippers Who Live In Glass Houses and All That

I’ve been avoiding writing any new posts about the fandom. I have been limiting my comments about the fandom to those I add to reblogs. But I always said I would post if something important happened. Well, I don’t know if this is “important” to anyone but me but once again super-shippers are making personal assertions about non-shippers/ truthers (including me) that are unfounded:

Anonymous asked: “The antis are complaining about Valentine’s Day. More proof that they are bitter women who can’t stand the idea of someone being in a happy and secure relationship, like Sam and Cait.” [emphasis added]

Super-shipper blogger: “ How predictable.”

This bit of misinformation stems from the fact that I posted something about Valentine’s Day on my CEO blog. I work with college students, many of whom are miserable on Valentine’s Day. I thought I would do a tongue-in-cheek post addressing how Valentine’s Day–a day of forced romance designed by a card company–often makes people miserable. This is the POST.

What that nasty anon forgot to mention is that I commented about hoping my husband doesn’t give me any more jewelry (he’s a jewelry designer/ jeweler) and that he is a hard man to buy a present for. If that sounds like I’m “bitter” and not in a “happy and secure relationship,” that’s news to me. The biggest problem I complained about was having too much jewelry. Such a burden!

I don’t know if the anon or the blogger are in relationships but I’m in a happy marriage approaching three decades at this point. Since I know the blogger isn’t married and she has not disclosed whether she is currently in a romantic relationship, perhaps she shouldn’t have chosen to post that anon or chosen to comment on it.  Who knows what the anon’s deal is but it seems to me that anyone who appears to so very much need Sam and Cait to be a couple even after they clearly stated they aren’t, perhaps should not be throwing stones.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully.