Translation - Mamo blog 23rd June 2015

Title: In KingSuper…


Introduce one corner of KingSuper\(^o^)/

Megu san came to backstage,

Took photos in stage costume♪ she said(*^o^*)

Please stand straight!!

Since I was said so, it became like this(XD)

Megu san kawaii☆

Megu san’s costume…


Felt Megu san’s spirit…!!

Really cool!!!!!(;_;)☆

After taking photos with Megu san,

angela san came, “Want to take photos together!!” she said☆

Of course!!!!!!!!(≧∇≦)

Took wonderful photos☆

Very happy♪

With Nana san also, took photos in costume☆

After I asked to take photos, still before the time to go on stage, Nana san changed the costume early(;_;)☆

This time there was no collaboration but…

Just like collaboration, very suited black costume♪

And, as expectedly Nana sama…

Very very gorgeous(*^_^*)

Flying in this costume, really awesome……!!

A bit of the KING SUPER LIVE 2015 can be view in this post (^O^)

150622 Mezamashi TV “KING SUPER LIVE 2015”

A bit of the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion opening “Zankoku na Tenshi no Te-ze” can be heard at the beginning, then the cheerful song “Happy Material” from Magister Negi Magi, and Hiroko Moriguchi san performing “ETERNAL WIND~Hohoemi wa Hikaru Kaze no Naka~” from Gundam F91.

And then, Nana Mizuki san flying and singing “Synchrogazer”. She said ‘Thinking about adding something that highlights my character in the performance, so… “FLY!” (XD)’

Here comes Mamo singing “BREAK IT!” and dancing with Team Mamo.
Mamo “Though I can’t fly like Nana san”
Nana “Just shut up (XD)”
Mamo “Since I can’t fly, jump, my highlight is. It’s JUMP.”

It seems that the live will be released as DVD. The details are not announced yet. But look forward!!!