jeong joon hyung is quickly joining my little list of favorite male leads because: (spoilers ahead!)

  • he is so open about how much he admires, likes and adores bok joo
  • he never lets his ex-girlfriend have her way
  • he tries to solve his issues by talking (or buying thousands of unhealthy food when it comes to bok joo)
  • he calls his uncle and auntie mom and dad
  • he pretends he doesn’t know that his uncle and auntie are the ones giving him presents and letters
  • he confronted his hyung and exposed his true feelings on how he feels about him
  • his relationship with his family in general
  • he helped bok joo when she had a crush on his hyung
  • he cheered on bok joo before the competition
  • he realized how bad bok joo felt when his hyung saw her on the competition and as soon as possible he was there lecturing his hyung
  • he helped her overcome her crush
  • he didn’t ask why she wanted to take a break from weightlifting but asked if it was difficult for her
  • he instantly tried to comfort her and reminded her that she’s awesome
  • as soon as he realized his feelings for her he told his hyung he was going to help her go throught this difficult moment and only then he would confess, at the right time
  • he was smart enough that when he saw her with another boy he imediately confessed to her

Otsukaresama Deshita!!!!!

1st day blog is mainly expressing her emotion where is hard to write in letter
like she explain in radio, she wan to give full power on her happiness and love, spread towards her fans and everyone who work with her

2nd day blog where she thanks everyone
Cherry Boys’  Professional and Skill
Team Yoda’s  Reflexes and Gorgeous Performance
Team Mizuki’s (staffs) Amazing Footwork and Support
and also lastly she thanks the fans who Always Supporting, Togetherness and hearted affection

then also (if you didnt know) Niihama Tower Record close down, they been supporting Nana ever since 1st album, so before staff of the shop close down, they make a book for Nana fill with messages of people who enter in and staff who work there

Detail of the live

Aniki appear on ヒメムラサキ (Hime Murasaki)
Itaru came back during Mysterion 

he suppose to perform but hold back due to his wife
that why they play SCRALET KNIGHT due to LIVE THEATER for his wife but only 1st day
(if you didnt know his wife is the choir master of LIVE THEATER and sadly past away during Neogene Creation release date T.T)

next is also sad and very emotional to japanese
they play a song that contribute towards the earthquake event in 2011
call 花は咲く(Hana wa saku)
Kouichi Yamadera join in the 2nd day for duet

nanoha reflection theme song to be confirm
7th FC (fan club) event on 18-19 Nov 2017
Nana appearing on SUGA SHIKAO 20th ANNIVERSARY
(although is sold out they going to have FC sales)
cho-san and ryu-tan hiatus mode from their unit/group (they still can perform for Nana is just that i think they taking a chance to have break due the whole summer they got no Nana work related for she performing for musical)

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☆South Park
☆Gravity Falls
☆Steven Universe
☆Kagerou Project
☆School idol project: Love Live!
☆Daft Punk
☆Kid Icarus
☆Fire Emblem
☆Super Smash Bros
☆RPG indie games
♡ Creek (South Park)
♡ Style (South Park)
♡ K2(South Park)
♡ PineCest (Gravity Falls)
♡ Garnet x Pearl (Steven Universe)
♡ SetoKano (Kagerou Pro)
♡ Momo x Mary (Kagerou Pro)
♡ KotoUmi (Love Live!)
♡ NozoEli (Love Live!)
♡ GerIta (Hetalia)
♡ Usuk (Hetalia)
♡ GamKar (Homestuck)
♡ DaveCest (Homestuck)
♡ Gumi x IA (Vocaloid)
♡ Yukari x IA (Vocaloid)
♡ PitCest (Kid Icarus)
♡ ReiMari (Touhou)
♡ RemiFura (Touhou)

Super Idols!

I saw a request to nalizzy for female idols as super heroes. I didn’t do remotely every super heroine ever, so if you have a request, I guess you can ask and I’ll try!

Mamamoo Hwasa as Captain Marvel. Known for being athletic, strong, and fiery, Hwasa was a perfect choice!

2ne1 Minzy as Black Widow. She’s flexible and feisty, Minzy would be a great spy.

Afterschool Nana as Wonderwoman. Wonderwoman is a giant Amazon woman, and Nana is one of the tallest Kpop females out there. On top of that she proved how tough she is with their rigorous “First Love” performances.

Wonder Girls Yenny as Raven. She showed us all with her solo debut that she’s a little darker and more intense than we thought, so she makes the perfect choice for Raven.

CLC Sorn as Starfire. She’s multilingual and has a lively personality. Not to mention, she’s a foreigner to Korea, just like Starfire is to Earth.

f(x) Victoria as Catwoman. She’s flexible, acrobatic, and can mold herself into any situation, taking charge with humor or seduction.

SNSD Seohyun as Scarlet Witch. Mature beyond her years and with a love for studying, she’s a good choice.

I hope you all enjoy!