The I know Stilinski’s First Name Club - Stiles Stilinski

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This was requested by anonymous. This was the exact request:  Can you do one were you know stiles real name and the pack is bothering you trying to figure it out but you don’t tell them? Thanks A/N: i haven’t written a request in ages so this sucks Keep requesting

It was a normal Friday night at the Stilinski house. You and Stiles were in the same forensic class, and were studying for the unit test you’d be taking that Monday. You were sprawled across his bed with your notes scattered around the floor, while he sat in his chair, throwing his highlighter in the air and then catching it before it could hit the ground. He said that if he studied anymore, his brain would melt and start leaking out of his ears. You then proceeded to thank him for the mental image, and then the two of you began arguing about if someone’s liquid brain could start leaking out of their ears.

It was a pretty normal Friday conversation between the two of you. There had been weirder.

The argument was getting pretty heated, him angrily typing on his computer to pull up evidence about the Brain Theory, and you just decided to throw your notebook at him. The problem was that you had horrible aim. Your notebook ended up hitting the lamp instead, causing it to fall of the desk.

Meanwhile the sheriff had walked into the house just as it hit the ground. “Both of you knock it off!” He yells up the stairs. “Stiles get down here and help me unload the car.”

“I’m busy,” Stiles snapped, still typing quickly.

The next word that came out of the sheriff’s mouth made you think he was talking gibberish. But after you heard him softly say, “oh shit”, and saw Stiles’s horrified face, you realized it was infact Stiles’s real name.

The two of you sat in a stunned silence for a good thirty seconds. And then Stiles slowly shut his laptop, gently placed it on the desk, and bolted out the bedroom door. You ran after him, nearly slipping on the papers over the ground. Stiles had stopped at the top of the stairs, with the same shocked and hurt expression, and watched his dad with wide eyes as he tried to apologize.

“I’m so sorry Stiles, I didn’t mean to call you, you know…” And then the sheriff says his name again. You start muttering it under your breath, trying to memorize it. The sheriff noticed you behind Stiles and cursed himself.

Stiles looked like he wanted to throw himself down the stairs. But he probably realized that if he was dead, there would be nobody to stop you from telling the whole school his real name. “Nobody hears about this.” He tells you. “Understand?”

“Yeah totally.” You promised, before going back to saying his real name, or the weirdest word you had ever heard.


On Monday you step off the bus and find Scott waiting for you buy the doors. He swings his arm around your shoulder as you walk past and says, “welcome to the club.”

“What club?” You ask as the two of you walk towards your locker.

“The ‘I know Stilinski’s first name club’. For years I thought I was the only member, but my prayers have been answered. And thank God for that because I was going crazy keeping this secret.”

You open your locker. “You know, I’ve heard of kids named worse. But I get why he picked Stiles.”

Scott laughs a little. “Now, the others know that you know his name. They will stop at nothing to figure it out. They will pester you, they will bribe you, they will probably blackmail you, but the first rule of the club is that you don’t tell anybody.”

“And what happens if I do?”

“Then you die.” Scott says simply, with a straight face. You must have looked worried because he cracks a smile. “Just kidding.”

But he wasn’t kidding about the others doing anything to find out. Kira brought you your favorite food for lunch, Lydia dug up some embarrassing pictures for your second grade pageant that you chose to remove from your memory, and Malia was so straightforward with it, she just handed you twenty bucks and asked for his name.

During lunch they kept questioning you. “Is it something super embarrassing, like Marion?” Malia asks.

“Haha,” Stiles says in deadpan voice, “shut up.”

“I’m not going to tell you guys.” You say. “Like, I appreciate the money and the food, and not really those pictures, but you can’t make me tell.” You offered Stiles some of your food, and he shook his head at the others.

“They’re evil.” He warns.

“Hey!” Lydia protests.

“They will stop at nothing.” Stiles continues.

“I’m not the only one who knows. Scott knows his real name too.”

“He’s as solid as rock, we can’t crack him.” Kira tells you.

“But one day you’ll slip up.” Malia says.

“And we’ll be waiting.” Lydia finishes.