Miyamoto on World 1-1

Watch as Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka talk about how Nintendo made Mario’s most iconic level as well as their history with Nintendo and the Mario franchise.


Miyamoto on World 1-1: How Nintendo made Mario’s most iconic level! 


Norwegian programmer Kjetil Nordin spent 800 hours over the course of 6.5 years crocheting this awesome blanket that looks exactly like the World 1 map from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Nordin was so thorough in his research for this project that, upon discovering he’d mistakenly used the wrong shade of blue for the water when he was already halfway through crocheting it, he undid all his work in order to replace it with the proper color.

Head over to NRK to learn more about this geektastic project.

Photos by Redditor AlexKingshill

Super Mario Bros. 3 World 1 Gif via Super Adventures in Gaming

[via Kotaku and NRK]


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