Old school collection! We have 4 generations of Nintendo Consoles . Nes- Super nes- N64 - Wii We have several Gameboys! Gameboy pocket-gameboy Color(Pikachu edition)- Gameboy Advance. Worthy mentions for NES are - Donkey Kong, Dr mario, Tetris, to name a few. Not to mention that duck hunt zapper (Rudeboys favorite heat) Worthy mentions for Snes are- Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 , Super Mario Allstars and World and Super Mario Kart , Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat 3. Worthy Mentions for Gameboy are- Pokémon Yellow (2 of em) Sapphire and Ruby. Plus he had The Super Gameboy ! That was badass! It let you play Gameboy through your Super Nintendo on your TV!!! WITH COLOR!! @silintsoul @sinfulsnowflake @pandemic28 @nintendette @nintendo-box @nintendo-gifs @n64s @videogamecorner @thad0peshow @honeyyydope @retrogamingblog @retrogamingelin @retroremastered @snesanctuary @nicolethedopefiendqueen @spunoutwigglywonka @fast–life @sleepwalkerxo @reptilianbitch @lbeeeezy @retrofoundation @capcomunity

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I was tagged by @aigooylgaifyllina, who was born the same year I graduated high school.  O.o  Yay internet, introducing me to interesting people from all different places and times!

rules: tag followers you’d like to get to know better

birthday: September 9, 1981

gender: Female

relationship status: Partnered up with a wonderful man

favorite subject: Communication

first 3 songs on shuffle:
1. Video Game Piano Players - Super Mario World Ending Theme
2. Game & Sound - Smiles and Tears (In Memory of Satoru Iwata)
3. Game & Sound - F-Zero Big Blue
(All from my running playlist, which is mostly VGM covers)

zodiac sign: Virgo

siblings: Twin Bro and Little Bro, both awesome dudes.

height: 5′3″

favorite color: Purple

pet: Missy Dog, an 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix

what time do i wake up: 4:30 on weekdays, 6:00ish on weekends

last thing i googled: “anatolian shepherd and human” to show Liz how big those dogs get

favorite books: microserfs. by Douglas Coupland, In Search of the Paranormal by Richard Estep, and anything by Mary Roach

favorite bands / artists: Bad Religion and Erasure are the two I fangirl over the hardest.  “New album? YAAAAASS I ALREADY LOVE IT”

favorite tv shows: Football, MythBusters, How It’s Made, and anything involving container ships

dream job(s): I have two.  One is a dispatcher for an EMS agency or fire department that doesn’t suck.  The other is designing an easier way to get help (food, housing, money) to people in need.

why i made my blog: I thought it was going to be a straight-up mom blog. LOL

love or lust:  Both.  Both is good.

lemonade or iced tea: lemonade

cats or dogs: Yes plz.  Once again, both.  But I’m allergic to cats, so owning one isn’t the best plan for me.

coke or pepsi: In a huge stroke of luck, I don’t like pop anymore! :D

day or night: Day is for being awake.  Night is for sleeping.

text or call: text, or email, or fb message, or face to face, or basically anything but the cell phone.  Because hard of hearing.

met a celebrity: Said hi to Billy Corgan after a concert, met some of Denver’s local musicians, recognized John Elway on the street and waved to him (he waved back!), and telemarketed Ashleigh Brilliant (the guy who draws Pot Shots, he was egregiously rude to me).

I tag @teensyvalkyrie, @fatmaninalittlesuit, @jms-healthful-life, @thegreentraveller, @ninja-in-training, and whoever else wants to play!

[1:55 PM] Hex Flareheart: Oh yeah.
1:55 PM] Hex Flareheart: Additional note.
[1:55 PM] Hex Flareheart: It’s not Nintendo.
[1:55 PM] Hex Flareheart: Wanna know why?
1:55 PM] Hex Flareheart: If they wanted Uranium gone
[1:56 PM] Hex Flareheart: they would’ve issued a cease and desist, not a DMCA takedown
1:56 PM] Proot: …WELP.
[1:56 PM] Hex Flareheart: …also, I’d like to raise the additional argument of SMW Central
1:56 PM] Hex Flareheart: it’s literally a site about hacking and modifying Super Mario World
[1:56 PM] Hex Flareheart: and there’s no way in hell Nintendo doesn’t know about it considering it’s over 8 years old
1:57 PM] Hex Flareheart: they’ve never once been hit with a DMCA takedown OR cease and desist
1:57 PM] Hex Flareheart: (though they’ve joked about the latter)

So yeah. Uh, definitely a copyright troll.