Submissive [Donghae x You] Fanfic - pt.3

Type: Smut + Series

Rating: R [Contains swearing, sexual encounters/references, violence]

Characters: You, Donghae, rest of SuJu [*Other characters from other bands may be added]

Description of Story: At one SuJu fan signing, you thought you were going to be another fan that meets Super Junior. Yet, Donghae thinks differently. After weird encounters with this Kpop Star, he starts to spend crazy amounts of money on you. But it all doesn’t come for free. He starts to expect you will give him something in return.

Length: Long 

This part includes: Donghae invites you to a party

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I saw Super Junior three weeks ago!

Okay, I hope you all don’t get bored because I’m gonna write so much, but here we go. As you can see the title, I saw super Junior three weeks ago! It was by far, the best day of my short life. This means a lot to me, because at first i thought I wouldn’t go, because I didn’t have the money to buy tickets. Even if I begged on my knees I wouldn’t go because I had already spent my money on another concert, but then, my mom said yes! And about 5 days before Super Camp I bought my tickets! And when the day came I was so nervous that I had a stomachache, wow, so so bad. When we arrived The Mexico City Arena I couldn’t believe how close of the stage we were! (okay, not that close, the closest area was the VIP area and I preferred not to buy it because I’m too short I and wouldn’t see anything) and I couldn’t breathe, I was so excited. We waited about 30 minutes more and then everything started. I thought I was about to faint because Kyuhyun, Heechul and Ryeowook came out of the side I sat down. They were so close to me, I never thought I would have them that close to me! They really look like dolls, they are so pretty. But, unfortunately, Kyuhyun didn’t notice me (lol) but then Yesung and Leeteuk came to our side and Leeteuk noticed me!!!!!! Then they sang and they played games. But my favorite part of the Super Camp was seeing KRY singing. When they sang “Sky” my heart melted and I ended up crying. It was beautiful, and while they were singing, Yesung noticed me!!!!!!!!! ( I almost died because Yeye is my second favorite member) Although I was so sad because Kangin wasn’t there, and he’s one of my favorite members, everything was perfect, i had so much fun and I was so happy. I can’t tell how much I love Super Junior, my life would be sadder without them. And I hope to see all of the 11 members together the next time they come to my country.



What you do at a party with a bunch of people you dont know

( Sit with the few people you know)

(Have people laughing all around you and not getting the jokes)

(Judge everyone)

(Sit awkwardly if someone trys to talk to you)

(Eat the free food)

(Finally count down the time till its over)